Macron publicly stated that he does not abandon the idea of ​​​​sending Western troops to Ukraine

During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Village in the suburbs of Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement that caused a wide resonance among the international community and French society. The head of state confirmed the possibility of sending Western military personnel to Ukraine, emphasizing that his every word on this issue was weighed and thought out. This statement comes amid serious discussions about assistance to Kyiv and, despite criticism from many allies, Macron is confident that he is right.

Immediately after Macron’s remarks, his Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu hastened to clarify that we are not talking about regular military personnel, but about support personnel. However, as the newspaper Le Figaro reports, the majority of the French do not support the idea of ​​​​sending a ground contingent to Ukraine. According to the results of a sociological survey, 68% of respondents were against such support, while 51% believe that France should remain neutral towards Russia, and 11% see the Russian Federation as an ally.

Despite internal disapproval, Macron's proposal resonated with some NATO members. In particular, a high-ranking Dutch army officer supported the idea of ​​​​sending military personnel to Ukraine, and the Baltic countries - Estonia and Lithuania - also approved this proposal.


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