Air Force of France


Macron decided to show off "the most powerful aircraft in Europe"

Emmanuel Macron decided to boast of "the most powerful aircraft."

Against the backdrop of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, demanded from the Syrian army to surrender "... to the people's justice" within 48 hours, promising to completely destroy the military facilities of this country by means of aviation and naval forces, he decided to make his contribution to this ultimatum President of France Emmanuel Macron.

"We welcome the strong-willed decision of Washington. The Syrian people demanded that Bashar Assad should leave, and we heard him. Our high-precision aviation will incinerate any regime fighter or their commanders in Damascus if they do not obey ", - the French president said.

Military analysts in turn decided to remind Emmanuel Macron how many wars in history France could win, as well as its shocking surrender in only 38 days, after German military units crossed the border of this state.

"Macron certainly can take risks, however, for him and France as a whole, this could be the biggest defeat in the 21-century", - experts note.

In general, experts called Macron's words an empty chatter, since France's invasion of Syria will lead to complete losses.

Well, it was not lucky for the French: they chose a boy who (judging by his wife, an old woman) was used to sucking Mamkina's tit ... although he was promoted by world oligarchs ... that's why I'll bite my tongue :)

They all demolished the tower. Spring exacerbation.

Something you are confusing. And the book was also called.
Antlantic and Quiet, and the third what? Trip from Leningrad to Vladivostok.

Not a bad couple, they look good with Trump, the family idyll is straightforward. McNeon did not get busy, but already Napoleon imagined himself. But Russia is not the Champs Elysees, it's more croaky to be crooked. And remember how Napoleon graduated, if history knows for sure.

It seems that Geirope is fed up with a life full of peace, where the burgers sip beer, and the homosexuals happily frolicking among themselves

Who drops bombs at their factories!

you're right ... all the belligerence of the West is the reason, or rather a complete ass in education ... they don't know history ... they don't know the national historical peculiarities of peoples ... their brains are filled with fat praising themselves beautiful ... and it's been seen for a long time. ..ley did not receive)))) they would have a Chechen conflict for a year))))) at least ... for a long time they would have remembered what "kus'kina's mother"

Makarushushka - that would brag to at least catch up with Russia))))) your airplanes with circles and shiny buckles can scare well unless the aboriginal from Papua))) and then after the thrown boomerang - fear will pass into laughter)))) and tell your pilots let the manicure do not shine! blakuet strongly on the brains of the press ....

Napoleon himself imagines a necrophilic wretched)). But this Macaron, wife - a teacher. It is a pity that there are no stories. Though she would remind him of the end of the matter. Clown

Maybe the French presidents have a trick - to borrow money for an election campaign from tyrants, and then scream, declare war, so as not to return the "mortgage"?

For everything on Land Lease they paid in gold. But the most interesting thing is that after the Victory the United States demanded that everything be returned to the states (for example, the Studebaker trucks. And not just returned, but also complete and serviceable).

How did these frogs win us too?

Did you give all this on Lend-Lease? They give it for free, and then we paid for it in gold. Read the story.

Wife Macron is about 70 years old

And what is this most hysterical old woman on earth?

Already. France has already been defeated. And how else to name the turn of the French aircraft on the way to Syria. If only a victory of common sense, but not of France

Leonid, I agree with you, perhaps: Viva of the United States and France. USA for the fact that although they shot and tried to shoot, they did not hit it very much. And France, for the fact that its aircraft on the way to Syria turned around and did not bomb, so they reached home. Those and other fellows, and how many civilians were killed in vain is not known ...

No, not from the sword but from the pitchfork and axes rogatine.

Glory to the evergreen American dollar and its magical power on people. Obey and grovel before the "chosen ones." No need to think or study.

And you probably forgot that for all this help was paid in gold

As I understand it, at the factory in France, on which the Macron-Falcons dropped a bomb, "regime militants" were seen ... or Assad himself ???



Well, how do they get bored, these Western chatterboxes ... but you must somehow calms them down ..

Heronthofil Emmanuel decided to threaten to remind himself of himself, but no one really takes the boy seriously.

The book was called The Secret of the Three Oceans. In the film, for some reason, one ocean was removed. It was read to her as a child.

Vova, are you a fool or just like that? (like, I decided to postebatsya). Are you even aware of how they "gave" all this to us through the Lend-Lease? Here are such idiots, like Vladimir, and they carry all sorts of nonsense, not thinking that they themselves are the very same Ivans, who do not remember kinship and stupidly love everything Amyricos. Eeeh, Vova. ((((((((((

My friend, read, learn. About France-38 days, about ours, no, about my country-4 terrible years and Victory! You, the French, do not understand.

When you fight off ten and someone throws ice on the balcony from the balcony, be grateful to him on the coffin. Debility logic.

Respected in this case, if there are no croaking on the ground and there are none of them, then there will be no French food from lack of food!

respected do not forget that all lendliz was paid for by gold even the one that was sunk in English convoys

And how much of that Legion, did not you count? Try it, and be surprised ...

Continuing the logic of the frog, the world will come when there will be no one to incinerate. Remain frogs and French.

you probably forgot about the delivery of goods on lendlizu in the domestic war. they were supplied by America and England. Do not be you are a kinship with relatives who do not remember. leaves canned food, petrol went with cars and planes and forgot about it. what do you think of the fact that you are shouting cheers and declaring the winners yourself without starting a war from this industry of the Russian Federation will begin to work. the war will come to Russia and its population certainly will not bring. forgot probably as a victory over the militants declared destroyed 2000 fighters made 1000 sorties apart from missiles. if someone with mathematics in the frets, then it is easy to calculate the effectiveness of these flights. Great things like silence.

Macron, think about your family. All kartvenkih old ladies kondraty enough.

The French legion or as it is also called "dogs of war" or hired killers, go something else)) and this rabble, which can only fight with civilians, scared you so?)

Infa for stupid schoolboys. The foreign legion is not intended for war with the regular army of major powers. His task is to lead the leaders of the Papuan tribes into submission. If this unit is sent to the front, it will last for several hours

Macron, and if the Arabs in your country say: "Macron get out!", Will you quit your presidency?
And what about the fool you are talking about lawfully elected President Bashar Assad?

What are you carrying? For the French will fight the French foreign legion ... there are half of the people from the countries of the former USSR ... and Russia including .. They will give the order to fight.

Macron, do you practice as a solver of world issues? Step aside

No no. Guys, there's someone to be afraid of. So it's the French, they're so scary and they have a very brutal language and they voluntarily did not give the whole country away. But the worst thing is, they do not know how to fight, they can only brutalize

Who has not read, read the book The Mystery of Two Oceans! Or watch the movie. In those days, everything is already predicted! And the warriors read books and invent, according to their version, new weapons. Type - Exoskeletons - Terminator revised!

Hto such why I do not know? I know Napoleon, I know Kutuzov, I do not know Makron.

I would have slept peacefully if I knew that under water, we have our nuclear drones with powerful charges under the bodies of the trotters, the frogs of sero feathers, and the ober-bullets.

Yes! The UN should ban the use of garlic sauce on the battlefield! This is barbarism!

Dear commters! You are not bothered with shapkazakidatelstvom deal with? Sometimes turn on the brains (if you have them)!

Before the words rush, frogs would have had a better story to teach! Gentiles!

To recall the ambassadors with the families and France will shut up for a long time.

Yes, we lost, but our grandfathers did not surrender their land! As I understand you, you can rely heavily on your ally from overseas, but he is not omnipotent.

So talk about the war can only those who do not remember its consequences. And in the war there is nothing good ...

Frogs will never learn to fly.

8 860 000 - combat losses of the Red Army in the Second World War. The remaining millions of those killed are the result of the "humanism" of the German (Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian) representatives of "civilized" Europe, who committed genocide of the population in the occupied territories.

France will win all! :) And remind you of the Great Patriotic War? Yes, the Wehrmacht was strong and behind him stood the whole of Europe, with its resources, but the Soviet Union overcame this infection. Yes, by huge losses, but you won! And you do not have to praise pendosia (America) with its hangers-on, which in themselves do not mean anything and vice versa-to belittle the power of Russia! Or do you know something that other people do not know ?! On this occasion, I am tormented by vague doubts :)

Arrange them, the Russians, the third Borodino, in Syria. Maybe they'll shut up, Frogs.

You do valery what do you mean? About France, so nothing will be left of it in a few minutes, if it comes. Whoever comes to us with the sword will die from the sword.

The failure of France - in this case, the loss of 50 percent of equipment and soldiers in Syria ... Karl, as if France was one of the first capitulating countries, plus they have no equipment nor normal troops other than the foreign legion is not present

If they go to Syria, they will get along the sousal so that it does not seem too small! They are the ones that nobody invited them!

but in my opinion the Syrian people did not demand the departure of Assad, but rather chose him. and Macron just lied.

France will be defeated? What "specialist" could blurt out this! If the French were there alone, then maybe there would have been some problems. And why remember World War II? The Wehrmacht was a very serious enemy! Remind me how much the USSR lost in the killed?

Pamagite !!! Samalets of France fall asleep with baguettes and cheeses, millions are killed. Garlic sauce led to the death of tens of millions