Macron: Russian aid in Europe is useless and nobody needs

Macron called Russian aid to Italy worthless.

French President Emanuel Macron criticized Russian aid to Italy, saying that it was completely useless and was not and is not necessary. According to Macron, what Russia did was her personal choice, stressing that Italy’s assistance from France and Germany was much greater.

“French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about Russian and Chinese aid to Italy, which suffers from the pandemic of the coronavirus, and called for“ not to get drunk ”from this, and also to remember the help that France and Germany provided to the country. The words of the politician were quoted by France 24. “There is a lot of talk about Chinese or Russian aid, but why not say that France and Germany delivered two million masks and tens of thousands of bathrobes to Italy? Asked Macron. “This is not enough, but this is only the beginning, and we should not get drunk on what our international partners and competitors say.” He added that Europe is proud and strong, and should feel that way. ”- сообщает Russian information publication "".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has not yet responded to criticism from the French leader, however, experts believe that in this way Europe intends to mask its inaction in relation to the countries most affected by coronavirus in the region.

Russia wanted for "help" to remove the readjustment. Like, we sympathized with you so much and took part ...

Italy did not ask for help in Russia

The thing is that France and Germany transferred their aid to Italy after the Italian leadership turned to them for help and did not receive an answer, and only then turned to China and Russia for help and immediately received it. after the Sino-Russian. If Macron wants to “not share the glory,” these are the problems of his ambitions for supremacy in Europe.

Hmm, in Rasia everything is so wonderful that it remains only to help others.

Why do you accept this "help"? You probably forgot that the Chekists like to create problems, and then pretend that they are helping to solve them

It would be better if Russia helped itself first.

Thus, Russian aid, or rather "aid", is provided only so that the sanctions against Russia are lifted.

Reasonable payment for the knowledge gained and to hell with it with Macron and with the image !!!

There is such a difference - in Italy no one is starving like in Russia.

You can rub the question for a long time and from different sides, but the fact remains that our troops conduct exercises in real combat conditions on the territory of a NATO member country. And we provide assistance from the best humanistic intentions. We are strengthening the image of Russia in the world, and we are introducing confusion in the heads of the EU leadership. Yes, there are not 2 birds with one stone, but all 4-5.

Pretty boy

In French culture, discuss gifts, look horse in the mouth. When his wife is given a present, he will analyze his benefit, such an attentive person. He also has a lot of time to analyze.

... the fact is that France and Germany SHOULD provide this assistance, and Russia, in principle, could not provide, but helped, than it could.
because the attention of the press is greater.

Sent masks and bathrobes to Italy.
It's like starving to send disposable tableware sets.

Where? In the little capitals, in the city health no.

Macron is furious because his "gift" was not appreciated. He sent it with "money", well, with goods.
And you need professional hands, ready for several hours to work in chemical protection. Russia gave the soldiers ready to go into battle, to the front line, and France covered the rear.

Again, "there are no analogues in the world"?)) It's not even funny anymore ...

Again, "there are no analogues in the world"?)) It's not even funny anymore ...

and where does it say that they sent ventilators? throw the link ...

Vodka 40%. I kill the virus at least 60%.

Why do you reduce everything to politics? Or maybe just in any situation, to remain primarily people, not cattle, they asked for help, and they consider this help differently

Macron, claiming leadership in the EU after leaving Merkel, is trying to maintain a good face in a bad game ... Do it, gentlemen, and not PR for yourself, your beloved.

But what is it that ours doesn’t know anything? If you say go study, and not help?

Guys, this is called SOFT POWER. Why not apply it to Russia if the whole west and our leaders use it against it (the same statement by Macron)

It is communist to help the enemies or to be afraid that the pandemic flood will allow to take the stolen in the Russian Federation

In 1812 they unselfishly burned MOSCOW and much more .........

I agree with you 100%

And in Russian, how is it?

I agree that masks and mechanical ventilation should not be sent to Italy, but to the regions of Russia itself. Putin’s decision is purely political. Humanism, in relation to the Russians, in it is zero

Everything can be done by yourself. And clean the masks, and the sewer, and change the tap and stick wallpaper, etc. But then what will the relevant services and organizations do?

And now in Russian, repeat it !!!

All that Russia has provided is 170 virological military doctors with the goal of gaining knowledge from specialists from around the world who help Italians. They were sent to study, not to help. Everything else is just a patch for knowledge and skill. And who told you about ventilator equipment in such quantity? Lying is not good.

In general, our military transported 20 airborne missile defense vehicles with processing power of 20 thousand square meters to Italy. in hour. surface. In total, chemical troops are armed with 2000 of these machines. So no one has exposed the rear; we will not impoverish 1%.
Machines have no analogues in the world; NATO certainly does not have them. But military doctors will gain invaluable real experience, will return and will teach in Kursk increasing the quaification of military epidemiologists who have already begun to work. And the cadets themselves are designed to work in 16 military epidemiological centers, which are now being built across the country. Engineering and yellow forces work in three shifts. Half of the facilities will be commissioned in April, half in May.
And all that is required of us is to keep quarantine until the army enters the battle.

Wipe with vodka instead of antiseptics. It's in bulk in the store. We need experience working in the peak of the pandemic. It is better to pass it on the example of others than on your own. As the proverb says, "the smart learns from the mistakes of others, and the fool learns from his own ...

And remember how the French defended the Reichstag, so selflessly. And why there were so many French prisoners of war after the Second World War. Remember.

Everywhere we climb with our help, and whoever helps us in pharmacies has no masks or antiseptics, they put people at home

And now all this is in Russian, please.

Paracetamol is free. The price is 16 rubles. Moscow

Ah, why are you talking about such trifles! The responsiveness and disinterestedness of the French are known to everyone. The latter will be given, but at a good price.

found, bought. at the pharmacy. in free sale

Stop whining and letting go of snot! "Why do we help, we ourselves have no masks!" Get yourself a bunch of masks at home. Not the men went, but ...

Competent people make an order in a pharmacy for any (within a reasonable) amount of goods. After 2-3 days, they receive a call, they go to the pharmacy, pay and pick up the masks, cleaning hand gels, antibacterial wipes and whatever your heart desires ..

There is. Gauze, 100 r each))

Macron did not call Russia's assistance to Italy useless, he lamented that no one remembered how France sent masks and dressing gowns to Italy

But really, why do we climb everywhere with our help, does history really teach us nothing?

And it was a matter of honor that there was no such risk, that it meant that there were no disinfection machines, that, before speaking, stink, you really appreciated it, you helped, and you did not have to go out of business, it’s delicious to have friends, who’s been like a NATO military base

Masks on sale in Russian pharmacies are unlikely to be found anywhere.

Another thing is important: when the Russians need these very devices and means of assistance, will they provide them to us? We have always been simpletons, only when we need help (and we always need it) everyone turns away from us. I'll take my words back when I see these same disinfection machines in my city.

Looks like Vanya, you're stupid like a cork. They drive it so that the devices are not needed, or you want to experience the operation of the device on yourself ...


There are no masks in Moscow either. Resellers only sell on Yulia. Although everywhere they write that production volumes have been increased and everything is enough for everyone. In fact: no paracetamol, no masks

In the sense? So we brought another 10 million masks, if that and special clothes, though I don’t know how many.

However, Russia was the first to come to the aid of Italy, it seems that the reputation of the EU is more important than the health of people, now decisions on effective elimination of the infection in the world are important, and not how and who will look in her face

To not say, in Italy, active soldiers RBHZ. This is experience, Chernobyl, Spitak is already far ... We must be prepared!

Did Germany help Italy? oh yes, the valiant Germany gave back the cargo that Italy itself paid for, and the cunning Germans blocked it at the border? The Czechs also helped Italy, appropriating the Italian cargo. Strong and proud Europe? in what place is she strong ?!

We live in Moscow, we don’t have masks, and we sew them ourselves.

Macron - put your masks and robes on everyone - Italy will be very "fashionable" during this difficult time !! And this is what a politician says ?????

The most important thing is the Helping Hand extended in spite of political differences and giving hope.

Macron is apparently pleased that people are dying. Or he is very annoyed that they crap one's pants with their Euro values, and Russia was an order of magnitude kinder and more decent.

And how many patients in your city?

And doctors need medical masks. For healthy people, they are completely useless

He is right for all 100, a show and a circus.

And the French participation of the Normandie-Niemen squadron in the defeat of the Nazis, who also captured France, we still remember and honor their merits ...

I wonder what side (or what else) does the French president have to do with Italy? It’s about like Chinese bamboo to Belarusian potatoes.

Of course I understand everything, this is politics. But what, are we in each barrel a stopper then? Bad help, but don’t. They would rush to help. In Russia, only the beginning of the pandemic and how it will pass is not known! There’s no one to expect even bad help from us.

These are the words. Where are they?

no, damn it, it would be better to leave these devices and not enter quarantine, so they would certainly come in handy!

Europe has never been distinguished by nobility or gratitude. Macron is from there. The French still believe that they also won the Second World War. And they completely forget how in 1940 they surrendered both their Paris and their people under the boots of fascism. Such is the memory in Europe ...

Russia provided 600 ventilators, and will provide more if necessary. There were no disinfection machines in Italy. Russia provided them. Italy asked for help, Russia provided it. Italian politicians and ordinary people are grateful to Russia and offended by the EU. And bathrobes and masks are nonsense. Masks will not protect, masks need to be changed every 2 hours. That is, it is for 1 day for a million people, or 500 thousand people for 2 days or 250 thousand for 3 days. Continue?

The statement of this politician is immoral and sweeping, and Russia has fulfilled a noble mission in relation to Italy and is implementing certain activities by qualified specialists! Together we will defeat the pandemic that has hit our planet!

The title is not true and the content. Macron did not call help useless, please do not distort the facts

If this is not spam, then no matter what someone says, Macron or someone else - what do you personally do? Is that what people do, risking their lives, because they do not have comfortable conditions there, do not deserve respect or recognition? Disinfection is needed for any epidemic

Russia and its Armed Forces suffer from an overabundance of protective equipment. Therefore, they surrender the surplus to Italy.

I don’t mind helping Italy, people need help, but the neighbor will bear it
if there’s nothing for the neighbor himself, I think that any normal person will divide at least in half! I live in Ussuriysk, there are no masks in pharmacies, I call the health department of Primorsky Krai on the hotline- “Sorry, this number does not work for technical reasons ! ”I’m calling another number, they’re answering, I ask: please tell me in which city or village of Primorsky Krai I could buy masks from the virus, the answer is that they are not in state pharmacies, try calling the commercial ones! They are nowhere so bitter in my soul, and thought how Well, do not love your people! Frankly and openly, Italy is certainly closer than to Primorsky Krai!

How is it not needed? And how to write off grandmas? This is the bonanza - no one will ever know how much is actually bought from the allocated. That is why officials are always enthusiastically grabbing for humanitarian aid. What did you think?

I’m probably very naive, but in such cases I want to ask - how is he not ashamed?

Actually, we did not hear anything new.
This is called both ours and yours. Of course, the French with all their hearts from Italy and of course they are ready to give away all the used masks, remember the foundation, you want the middle of my apple, this is France.

ask an opinion on this subject from those who did not return from the hostilities or who came back crippled (especially in our state) .. would you like to be among them?

It would be better if they worked on their streets and entrances, and not in Italy, the apparatuses themselves need, or else they perish their own, and strangers help is also impossible.

Under the African epaulettes, the Russians didn’t smell there! Do not invent fairy tales!

Any help is important - theoretically, even if you help to bury the three dead !!!

As soon as Marseillaise sounds in Bergamo, everyone will understand who the Italians say thanks!

No one will ever talk about the need or need for help during a pandemic. Even one syringe is not discussed. If he spoke that way, then this is not the president, only the poor in spirit, the meager in mind can say so. And, if he didn’t, it’s a lie.

I don’t understand, if Russia's help to Italy is so insignificant, then why is the devil yelling about it at every corner? Or, all the same, help from our "medical landing" is

In Marxist-Leninist philosophy, the main law was "BEING DEFINES CONSCIOUSNESS." Muslims tried to criticize them.

And where did you see, at least a word of criticism of Russia ????? What cu again see what is not ?!

Here you go! Tantrum did not take long to wait!

Do you dream to lie under the ventilator? Sit better at home !!!

Right! Let them not survive, but they themselves survive.

Macron doesn't understand what is funny? Two million masks? The mask needs to be changed every two hours. Through simple calculations, it is easy to understand how much this amount will suffice for those who are forced to work in them. A few thousand bathrobes? Really? Italy lacks hospitals, medical equipment and medicines! There are not enough ventilation devices. There are not enough doctors! Well, "a strong and proud Europe" will not send real help to Italy? What does the European Union of Italy do not help with money? One chatter!

The masks that China sent to Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic were left to themselves. At the peak of the epidemic, masks, of course, are very important, they should close their mouths to the dying. Let Macron first send normal help, there doctors, laboratories, and ventilators are needed. Italy now wants to leave the European Union from such assistance

Do you know that for sure, have you personally checked everything, Ruslan?

No country has a vaccine for coronavirus. If you do not know this - your problems. And ventilators - name at least one country where they are now for everyone.

Do you even know that you sent to Italy from Russia? Or just blah blah blah? And the vaccine is needed before the epidemic, and not during. Now disinfection is more important. And the vaccine will be, and will be from Russia.

And with what fright Makaronin is so furious because of Russia's help to the Italians? Your problems are not enough?

And to whom has Russia imposed or is trying to impose its help? Maybe sick of France or someone else? Assistance to Italy is provided by us at the request of Prime Minister Conte. Macron became a yap, maybe he already got sick?

History does not teach Russia!

Ebola in Africa, the Russian Federation ended. military virologists went there and stopped the spread of the terrible virus

For this, 600 ventilators left and the Russians were driven into hiding in the houses so that they would not get sick on a mass scale, there would be nothing to save.

Anyone who has not served will not understand that the best military training is participation in hostilities. weapons are tested there and new ones are tested

They will return

our military brought ventilators and medicines

And where it is?

And where is his word that the help of Russia is completely useless and that it was not and there is no need? From your stuffing you can see what he said about the supply of masks and bathrobes by France and Germany.

Let’s better study the virus there than here

I am the same about the same, why are they there ??? When you need here ....

He not only goes over to the side of the military, he also undertakes to behave like the whole American military in the host countries and at numerous military bases around the world!

It seems to me that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation should in its reaction to the pathetic babble of Macaron always reassure him that France under no circumstances is in danger of assistance from the Russian Federation against covid19.

Masks and bathrobes for the epidemic center - this is the EU

Masks, ventilators, and a vaccine against the virus. The best help ever. None of this is in Russia.

Yes, yes those masks that Italy bought for her money, but Germany did not give away for several weeks, after which she only returned the part. This is now called by their help. Macron has nothing more to do than discuss our help. In France, there are few cases of those who are ill, too.

Now all Italians will walk in bathrobes and white slippers

Let them consider themselves who they want. To us something.

Any person who has received a residency. The US goes over to the side of the US military.