Macron announced the creation of a coalition to supply long-range weapons to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a new coalition to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles and ammunition. He also did not rule out the possibility of sending Western ground troops to Ukraine.

Macron stressed that all possible efforts will be aimed at ensuring that Russia cannot win the current conflict.

Macron said that a new coalition would be created to supply medium- and long-range missiles and bombs to Ukraine. He also said that this is necessary for security and stability in Europe.

However, at the moment it is known that German Chancellor Olaf Scholf announced that Berlin is categorically against the transfer of Taurus missiles to Kyiv, and therefore the question of Macron creating a coalition looks extremely doubtful.

It should be noted that today the USA, France and Great Britain have transferred their medium-range missile weapons to Ukraine.


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