Macron troops Ukraine


Macron was criticized for his statement about sending French troops to Ukraine

On the social network “X” (blocked in Russia), the founder of the opposition party “Unbowed France” Jean-Luc Mélenchon criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for his statement about the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine. Mélenchon emphasized the dangers of such a step:

"Sending troops to Ukraine would make us part of the conflict. A war against Russia would be madness. This verbal belligerent escalation of one nuclear power against another major nuclear power is already an irresponsible act."

He also expressed his opinion on the need to start peace negotiations.

In response to Macron's remarks, the leader of the French nationalist Patriots party, Florian Philippot, called the president's actions insane and called for his initiatives to be blocked in parliament.

Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the situation, said that the leaders of Western countries are considering the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, although they have not yet reached a consensus. He also mentioned the creation of a ninth coalition to supply Ukraine with bombs and long-range missiles, adding to the already existing eight European coalitions aimed at facilitating arms supplies to Kyiv.


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