Russian Aerospace Forces Syria


Little seemed: Russia struck back against militants attacking the air base of the Russian air forces in Syria

Russian military aircraft retaliated against the Turkish Islamists who attacked the Russian air force base in Syria.

The night attack on the military airfield of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, Khmeimim, forced Russia to give a harsh answer to the militants. According to sources, combat aircraft were raised from the air base of the Russian Air Force, which attacked the jihadist position area, from where an attack using unmanned aerial vehicles was carried out. The strike of the Russian air forces also obviously became a response to the actions of the militants who attacked the positions of the Syrian army a day earlier.

According to sources, and this information has not yet been confirmed by the Russian military command, 2 fighter jets that successfully attacked the positions of the Islamists were raised from the Khmeimim air base. As a result of airstrikes, weapons depots, temporary fortifications of militants, and, presumably, the headquarters of Turkish jihadists were destroyed. A day earlier, the Syrian forces also conducted an attack, the positions of which were also attacked by militant groups of about 250 people, as a result of which, in just 24 hours, the illegal Syrian military formations suffered very significant losses.

Given this information, experts pay attention to the fact that the situation in the Arab Republic is gradually deteriorating again, the reason for which is the failure by the Turkish side to fulfill its obligations.