Malta: Israel strikes Syria with F-35 fighters

A Maltese expert confirms Israel’s use of F-35 fighters to strike in Syria.

Despite the absence of official statements from Israel, the well-known Maltese expert Babak Tagway confirmed that during the attacks on the western part of Iraq and the eastern part of Syria, in particular, the city of Abu Kemal, Israel involved F-35 fighters, as previously Resource already reported with reference to its own sources.

“According to US military sources, not a single US Air Force or other Air Force aircraft participating in Operation Unshakable Decision” did not strike airstrikes on the Iraqi SNM military base (People’s Mobilization Force - ed.) In Iraq. This means that the Israeli F-35 have done it again. ”- said Babak Tagway.

Using the terms “again,” the Maltese expert probably draws attention to recent attacks on the territory of Syria, as well as a number of attacks on Iraq inflicted earlier.

As follows from a number of sources, Israeli aircraft did fly over Syrian territory, but neither Syrian C-300 nor Russian C-400 went unnoticed, despite the presence of fighters in the identification zone.


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