An aircraft-124


Malta has banned Russian aircraft from flying through its airspace.

The authorities of Malta have closed their airspace for Russian aircraft.

This afternoon it became known that the Malta authorities have prohibited Russian aircraft from flying through their airspace. This was done to prevent the delivery of humanitarian supplies from Russia to Venezuela.

“We applaud the government of Malta for refusing Russian aircraft to use their airspace to supply the cruel old regime in Venezuela. We urge all countries to follow Malta’s example and prevent the Kremlin from supporting dictator Maduro ”- said US State Department Speaker Morgan Ortagus.

Experts, in turn, did not see any serious problems in such a decision, referring to the fact that with the area of ​​Malta 316 square kilometers (8 times smaller than the area of ​​Moscow - ed.), It is at least not effective.

It should be clarified that the Kremlin’s official response to this fact has not been made, however, given the development of the situation, Russia may prohibit Malta airlines from operating charter flights through its territory.

Our nouveau riche, wanted to spit on the honor of Russia. Nothing will be done.

The mirror response should be instant. What would Malta feel right away, that in vain she did it.