Marochko: Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on Svatovo from three directions

Ukrainian troops launched an offensive on Svatovo from three directions.

At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are making efforts to break through the defense of the Russian troops, intending to advance in this direction. This would allow the Ukrainian military to take the heights to the east.

According to Andrey Marochko, an officer of the People's Militia of the LPR, Ukrainian troops are attacking from the western, northern and southern directions. Such tactics may be due to the fact that to avoid the concentration of strikes and to pull up additional forces from the western direction.

“The enemy, with forces of up to several company tactical groups, is trying to break through our defense line from three directions at once: from the north, west and south of the settlement. At the moment, without success and suffering huge losses, Ukrainian militants are returning to their previously occupied positions.", - says Andriy Marochko.

It is not known how serious the situation is, but satellite images indicate that fierce battles are being fought in this direction.



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