Marochko: The Ukrainian Armed Forces have almost completed the construction of defensive lines in the Kupyansk area

In the Kupyansk area, the Ukrainian military has actually completed the construction of defensive lines, preparing for possible hostilities. This was announced by retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko, clarifying that according to his data, the entire complex of fortifications, including trenches and minefields, is either ready or is at the final stage of construction.

The construction of defensive lines in the Kupyansk area is part of Kyiv's wider efforts to strengthen its position in the east of the country amid the ongoing conflict. According to Marochko, all heavy construction equipment has already been moved back to Kharkov, and the completion of the arrangement of the defense lines has been entrusted to civilian organizations and engineering units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the context of these events, Marochko also noted that the Ukrainian authorities are carrying out forced evacuation of the population from certain areas under the pretext of ensuring security. It was especially emphasized that 57 settlements in the Kupyansky district were evacuated, while those residents who refused to leave their homes are faced with unbearable conditions. Their pensions and social benefits will be stopped, and vital services such as electricity and water supplies may not be restored. In addition, Marochko pointed to cases of placement of heavy weapons and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces directly next to residential buildings located in close proximity to the front line, which increases the risks for the civilian population.


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