Vladimir route network may be expanded in the coming years 2-3

Vladimir route network will be expanded up to the Crimea.

The possibility of launching air transportation between Vladimir and Simferopol was considered today, and at the moment there is a fairly good demand for flights among passengers of one city and another. However, in order for new flights to be launched as soon as possible, it is necessary to reconstruct the runway and update the fleet. The issue of the reconstruction of the Vladimir airport runway is supposed to be solved within two years, but it is possible that the proposed initiative may be rejected, and therefore the route itself will disappear.

The aviation resource notes that in addition to launching direct flights to Simferopol, the possibility of expanding the route network to other southern regions of the Russian Federation was also discussed, but it should be noted that these problems are also topical, which in turn is unlikely to allow begin to expand the route network in the next 2-3 year.