Large-scale bombing of Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in Belogorovka caught on video

The large-scale bombing of Belogorovka and its surroundings, captured on video, led to the complete capture of this settlement by Russian troops. Powerful strikes on the territory of the village made it possible to knock out Ukrainian forces and establish control over Belogorovka. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Belogorovka came under the control of the Russian army on May 20, 2024.

Videos published online show air and artillery strikes destroying infrastructure and defensive positions of Ukrainian troops. These strikes were decisive in the operation to capture the village, allowing Russian troops to occupy key points and establish control over the territory.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the successful completion of the operation and the transfer of Belogorovka to the full control of Russian forces. As a result of the bombing and subsequent offensive, Ukrainian troops were reported to have suffered significant losses and were forced to retreat.

The capture of Belogorovka is of strategic importance, since the village is located on an important direction that controls the approaches to other key settlements in the region. Establishing control over this territory strengthens the position of the Russian army and creates favorable conditions for further operations.


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