Large-scale production of Su-57 fighters will be possible only by 2024

Large-scale production of Su-57 fighters will be launched in three years.

Deputy General Director of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant Alexander Pekarsh announced that large-scale production of Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighters will be possible by 2024. At the moment, a long-term program for the modernization of production is underway, with the aim of reaching the full capacity of the enterprise.

“A long-term program is being implemented, including the modernization of production, the introduction of new technologies. The equipment of the plant's aggregate and assembly shops with additional stands and assembly equipment, including unique swivel slipways designed specifically for the construction of the Su-57, is proceeding on a regular basis. According to the rearmament program for a fifth generation aircraft, all planned facilities should be commissioned by 2024 "- said Pekarsh.

Earlier, the news agency reported that in 2021, up to 4 fifth-generation Su-57 fighters could be transferred to the armament of the Russian Aerospace Forces - the second production copy of this combat aircraft, according to a source of the news agency, will appear in service with Russia at the end March - early April.

Considering the fact that Russia is preparing a large-scale production of Su-57 fighters, a batch of 76 combat aircraft will not be the only one that the Russian Ministry of Defense will acquire, moreover, large-scale production will allow the delivery of Su-57E fighters to Russian partners.

They write that there will be 21 pieces at 5 m, so by 25 at least about 20

write that at 21 there will be 5 pieces, have not read the article?

... So in 2025 there will be three of them? ... No, this is already mass production. The year is so by 2036.

So there will be three of them in 2025?