Large-scale strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, on militants who tried to attack, hit the video

Syrian rebel jihadists tried to attack, but the Russian Aerospace Forces left them no chance.

The jihadists tried to launch an offensive against the positions of the Russian and Syrian military in the region of the provinces of Hama and Idlib, pulling their heavy weapons here, including tanks and artillery, however, as soon as the militants tried to escalate the situation, thereby violating the agreements between Turkey and Russia, the Russian military aviation was immediately taken into the air and inflicted dozens of blows on the attackers. The losses of the latter are estimated by dozens of militants, while sources report at least four destroyed MLRS installations, three armored personnel carriers and eight jihadist vehicles.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Russian military aircraft ruthlessly smash the militants, inflicting multiple strikes. Support was also provided by the Syrian army, which used artillery to completely suppress members of terrorist groups.

According to some reports, the Russian side notified Turkey that an attempt was made to break the agreements, after which it launched a counterattack against the militants, which made it possible to avoid a very serious escalation of the situation in this region.

Quite remarkable is the fact that a few days before that, Turkey disrupted joint patrols of the territory in this region, which could be due to the transfer of jihadist weapons here.