Massive attack of Russian "stealth aircraft" demoralized the crew of the American rocket destroyer "Ross"

The crew of the American rocket destroyer Ross was demoralized by the flights of Russian stealth aircraft.

The crew of the American rocket destroyer Ross was demoralized by the actions of the Russian military while performing missions in the waters of the Black Sea. As follows from the report of the American military, while performing routine tasks in the Black Sea, the Russian military contacted the captain of the missile destroyer and demanded that the ship be immediately withdrawn from the area. Since the area is located in neutral waters, Russian demands were ignored, after which the crew of the destroyer "Ross" was seriously sorry.

According to the American media, referring to the data of the American military, after the crew of the rocket destroyer Ross refused to leave the indicated area, the radar of the warship began to record numerous attacks by Russian aviation, although there was no visual contact with the combat aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which may indicate the use of electronic warfare by the Russian military. In addition to aviation, the missile destroyer's radars also detected the rapid approach of unknown Russian warships, however, again, it was not possible to establish visual contact.

Such actions by Russia quite frightened the crew of the US Navy warship, literally demoralizing it, since the destroyer crew was well aware that any provocation near the Russian borders could lead to harsh actions by Russia, especially after the case when Russian electronic warfare systems completely disabled the American Donald's systems. Cook ”, as previously reported.

And the scoops do not know how to do otherwise.

Well, ALL media are LIE in the West. What reason to believe that the Navy Times is an exception ?!

And again, half of the crew of Arleigh Burke was recovered from an acute attack of bear disease caused by the overflight of the super-duper Russian planes ...
There are six dozen more berks left to fly around, and the American surface fleet and its aegis will be done away with.

Tweaked an article from the Navy Times. It only says that Russian planes were detected by radars, but did not approach the line of sight. ALL! And these "invisibles" did not demoralize anyone. Why lie? This is stupid and embarrassing.

Dreamers, did the staff of the Panorama news agency compose?

amers realized that among dozens of phantom targets, there might be a real Onyx))