Tu-22M3 attack on terrorists


Massive attack of two Russian Tu-22M3 bombers on terrorists in Syria delighted the Network

For the first time, footage of the strike of Russian long-range Tu-22M3 bombers on Turkish terrorists has appeared on the Web.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has presented unique video footage showing the moment of a massive bombing strike on the positions of Turkish terrorists by Russian long-range supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers. The footage was taken during a special operation by the Russian military to rescue a pilot whose plane was shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter.

On the presented video frames, you can see the final stage of the operation to rescue the Russian pilot. As soon as the Russian military withdrew to the safe zone, a pair of Russian long-range supersonic bombers dropped 24 bombs on Turkish terrorists, which destroyed Not only large formations of militants, but also the crash site of a Russian bomber, preventing the militants from gaining valuable information.

Experts pay attention to the promptness of the arrival of Russian long-range bombers - according to a number of assumptions, the latter could indeed be based on the territory of neighboring Iran, although there is no official confirmation of this information.