Medvedev: Ukraine and the West should be ready for a retaliatory nuclear strike

A possible transfer of nuclear weapons to Ukraine from the West would trigger a preemptive strike from Russia, warned Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev. The announcement was made during his visit to Vietnam.

Medvedev explained that Ukraine's allies could put into service not only fighter jets, which is no longer excluded, but also nuclear weapons.

"If this happens, they must be ready to retaliate with a nuclear weapon", - the RIA Novosti agency quotes the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Medvedev stressed that if the situation comes to the point where nuclear weapons are being transferred to Ukraine, a preventive strike from Russia becomes inevitable. He expressed confidence that many in the Western world do not fully understand the seriousness of this issue, believing that the situation will not reach such a critical level. However, according to Medvedev, under certain circumstances, the situation may come to this.

Such a statement was made in the context of Medvedev's sharp response to the call of the G7 countries on the inadmissibility of nuclear war.

"They demand from Russia some kind of guarantees on nuclear weapons, but, in fact, imply the possibility of a future nuclear conflict between our country and NATO," - remarked Medvedev.


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