Medvedev: The North Military War will not end even after the surrender of Kyiv


Medvedev: The North Military War will not end even after the surrender of Kyiv

The special military operation (SVO) will not end in the defeat of Ukraine, even after Kiev signs agreements and admits defeat. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel.

According to Medvedev, the end of hostilities will not come with a Russian victory and the establishment of a moderate political regime in Kyiv. He expressed doubt that radical elements will not return to power in Ukraine, even if the current conflict ends.

“And then the time will come to finally crush the reptile. Drive a long steel nail into the coffin of Bandera's quasi-state. Destroy the remnants of his bloody legacy." Medvedev wrote.

The politician emphasized that even after the remaining Ukrainian territories return “to the bosom of the Russian land,” Moscow’s enemies will continue to accumulate forces to strike Russia. He pointed out the inevitability of further confrontation, despite possible temporary truces.

Medvedev also expressed the opinion that negotiations with a suspension of hostilities in the zone of the Northern Military District are unprofitable for Russia. He noted that such negotiations can only give the enemy time to regroup and restore strength, which does not correspond to the interests of Moscow.

However, the final decision on the issue of negotiations and further conduct of hostilities is made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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