Medvedev: T-90M Proryv tanks outperform Western Leopard, Challenger and Abrams tanks

Medvedev declared the complete superiority of Russian T-90M tanks over Western combat vehicles.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, the supply of Western tanks Leopard 2, Challenger 2 and M1A1 Abrams to Ukraine will not affect the success of the special military operation, since the T-90M Proryv tanks used by the Russian military are superior to Western combat vehicles in most parameters.

“It is quite obvious that, for example, the same T-90M tank, Proryv, is our newest tank. But, in my opinion, this is now the best tank in the world. In the world! It is certainly better than the Leopard, than the Challenger, than the Abrams, including in terms of its tactical and technical data, even in terms of such a component as mass. ”- said Medvedev.

Russian tanks T-90M "Breakthrough" really proved themselves successfully in battles. However, to date there has not been a single case of the use of these tanks against Western combat vehicles, and therefore it is too early to talk about comparing the combat capabilities of Russian and modern Western tanks.

However, it is known that the UK will transfer uranium-tipped projectiles to Ukraine, computer simulations of the shot of which indicate that such ammunition is capable of hitting any currently protected combat vehicles.


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