Medvedev announced a catastrophic situation for Kyiv


Medvedev announced a catastrophic situation for Kyiv

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev made a statement that events surrounding the conflict in Ukraine are developing according to a catastrophic scenario for the Kyiv authorities. According to him, the opportunities for compromise are becoming less and less and further negotiations are possible only taking into account the current realities.

“Now the situation is completely different. All new territories, according to the Constitution, have become part of Russia. And this is forever.” Medvedev stressed.

He noted that the possibility of further negotiations exists and this is exactly what the Russian President spoke about when formulating a new idea about ending the conflict. However, Medvedev emphasized that any negotiations must be based on the current version of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the terms of the Istanbul Treaty.

However, Ukraine immediately rejected interest in negotiations with Russia on Moscow’s terms, which was supported by NATO countries and the United States.


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