Air Asia crash


The crash site of the "Air Asia" airplane is installed: 52 bodies of the dead were taken from the water

The search and rescue team managed to find the place of the crash of the passenger airliner of the crashed 2 a day ago near the coast of Indonesia.

At present, the exact crash site has been established, and rescuers have already managed to lift the bodies of the dead from the 52 water. Despite the fact that the passengers had very few chances to survive when falling into the ocean, rescuers are currently trying to find possible survivors, and the search is carried out within a radius of 200 kilometers from the crash site.

Among other things, the search team is currently trying to find himself the fuselage of a passenger aircraft, in order to extract from it all the victims of the plane crash, and the flight recorders, which will establish the causes of the plane crash, which in the near future can be classified mysterious for all the time in history.