Balloons in Minsk


International tournament on aeronautical sports opens in Minsk

The International Aeronautical Cup opens in Minsk.

Within three days, on the territory of the capital of Belarus, dozens of aerostats can be seen in the sky, which not only will perform demonstration flights, but also whose crews will compete for the title of the best “hot air balloon”. Athletes from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries will take part in the International Aeronautic Sport Cup "70 years of peaceful skies", and is expected to be one of the brightest events in the country over the past few years.

The balloons will take off today at 18 hours 30 minutes in Minsk time, but most of the competitions and demonstrations will take place at the weekend.

Information resource, in turn, clarifies that such competitions in the country are held for the second time.


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