International Criminal Court in The Hague: Putin's arrest warrant will last until the end of his life

The warrant issued for the arrest of Vladimir Putin is for life.

The Prosecutor of The Hague, Karim Khan, announced the details of the warrant issued for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As it turns out, the warrant will be valid indefinitely, emphasizing that there are only two circumstances that allow it to be canceled - the recognition of Vladimir Putin not guilty, or vice versa - until he is found guilty.

“He will remain the alleged perpetrator until he is brought to trial or until he is brought to trial and acquitted. This seems extremely unlikely, so he will remain an alleged perpetrator for the rest of his life."Karim Khan said.

Russia does not comply with the requirements of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, however, the warrant must automatically be executed by each of the 123 countries under the jurisdiction of the court. Nevertheless, the circumstances of the accusations against the Russian president remain unknown so far, since no facts of the possible guilt of Vladimir Putin have been presented so far.

Given the issued warrant, relations between Russia and the West can be considered almost completely damaged.



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