Mi-2 overturned while landing in the Kirov region

The Mi-2 has crash landed on a heap of the airport.

Emergency landing in the Kirov region was caused by the breakage of the helicopter chassis, however, there were material and information resources Avia.pro became aware of the fact that no one in the result of the incident was not injured.

At the moment, the causes of the incident remain unknown - according to some sources, the insufficient maintenance of the helicopter could be to blame, as a result of which the aircraft overturned, being seriously damaged, but according to other information, the incident could have been caused by pilot error.

In fact occurred on the emergency landing of an investigation, including the version is not excluded that the pilot could be at the controls of an aircraft while intoxicated - at the moment the pilot sent for a medical examination, the results of which will be announced in the near future.

Mi-2 - Soviet helicopter production of which began in the middle of 60-s of the last century, which does not exclude the possibility that the problems could be caused by a technical malfunction, at the moment, of an unknown nature.


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