Mi-8 makes emergency landing


Mi-8 made an emergency landing on the beach of the Krasnodar Territory

Mi-8, consisting in naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet, made an emergency landing in Krasnodar. September 26 helicopter performed a training flight from Anapa - Aga. However, a hundred meters from the landing point Mi-8 helicopter fell into uncontrollable rotation of the air mass, and was forced to land at the nearest beach. This happened at about noon on the beach, located near Tuapse.

During the operation no one was hurt. The helicopter crew medical care does not require, among the victims on the beach vacationers also noted.

After landing, the helicopter carefully examined. At the moment, the helicopter continued to learn the cause of the fall has not yet been determined.

During the test, a special group of helicopter it was found that the tail rotor was damaged during landing.

This is not the first incident involving a helicopter in Russia. In July this year was even more unpleasant incident. Helicopter "Eurocopter-120» during takeoff from the platform suddenly leaned over and fell by asking three people. The incident was in the Murmansk region. Two of the victims - the tourists from the UK.

Scientists have made an investigation regarding statistics aircraft crash causes and helicopters. It was found that in most cases - namely, sixty-eight percent of aviation accidents - the cause is the human factor. As a rule, it is a mistake of the pilot. Terrorism and error terrestrial services are taking place, but in comparison with the most common cause - are insignificant.


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