Italian Foreign Ministry criticized the Russian Ministry of Defense for medical assistance and demanded to follow the words

Italy has officially criticized Russia for help.

After a few weeks earlier, Russia sent its military specialists to Italy, as well as medical equipment and protective equipment, the Russian side was criticized not only by local media, but also by the Italian Foreign Ministry, which suggested that the Russian Ministry of Defense monitor its tone in terms of threats to Italy.

“Jacoboni’s publications focus on the Russian military, who are struggling with COVID-19, as well as the supply of medical care, which is called“ 80% useless. ” What did Moscow react on April 2, 2020 with an official statement from Konashenkov published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Defense. In a statement, the Russian general draws attention to the fact that for two weeks the newspaper La Stampa has been trying to discredit the mission of the Russians, who were mobilized to help the Italians in difficult times. Konashenkov accused La Stampa of speculating, despite which, Russian experts will continue to provide assistance in the city of Bergamo and its environs, saving Italian citizens. He emphasized that no aggressive rhetoric will distract the Russians from fulfilling their mission. “To be clear: a bad penny always comes back,” Konashenkov hinted. The latest expressions of the general were perceived as a threat by politicians close to La Stampa. “One cannot but notice the inappropriate tone of certain expressions. Freedom of speech and opinion is the main value of our country, ”said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo.”, - about it сообщает network Russian edition "Reporter".

Thus, Italy began at the official level to criticize Russia not only for the delivery of humanitarian medical care, but also for a number of threats, which, according to Italian diplomats, are direct interference in the interests of the country.

“This is another reason to doubt the need for assistance to other countries. Russia is already criticized at the official level, which does not exclude the likelihood that later charges will follow Moscow. Typical Western Acknowledgment Format- notes the specialist

And your mask is now on a smelly pasta. To whom it was issued free of charge.

Russia is to blame, in every barrel a plug
It would be better if she helped her citizens during self-isolation, and not to these animals.
Now let them listen to criticism at their address and do not bother.

Good intentions pave the way to hell

right, and the Italian authorities to mobilize all scribblers to work in medical centers

We help everyone!
And forget about yourself!
Since February 10, in our city I can’t buy a simple mask.
Not a single pharmacy has them - no!

There is such an unwritten law: Do not ask, do not do it!

Alex is beautiful. You're doing fine.

Fear Danians bringing gifts.

Bravo! We should just help each other

popular wisdom says, “Do not do good, you will not receive evil,” especially to those who never appreciate it. usa, italy and the hedgehog with them

how not to love your Russian people, that sending these bastards to foreign, medical care .and listen to their cursing, for this help !!!!!!!!!!!

It is known that for good deeds always expect fierce hatred. Treat your homes, not a neighbor with a bag in your pocket

Why are you provoking people to negative? It would be better to write the initial situation for understanding the situation, answering questions. Who invited our experts to Italy? Why military, and not the Ministry of Emergencies? How many specialists were sent? What kind of help should they provide? What equipment and medicines were delivered to Italy? Well, and a number of questions.

Do not believe that the ordinary people of Italy do not appreciate the help of Russia ... this newspaper constantly writes what they like .. there the "hand" rules ... it's just some kind of provocation ... a low bow to Russian doctors who save the lives of Italian of people...

I want to believe that this is really humanitarian aid, and not someone at the expense of patients in the Russian Federation "launders grandmas" in your pocket ...

No matter how much you feed the wolf, you still look into the forest.

Like you

Pozner ..... And where does this wise guy earn his American citizen and what good has he done for Russia, except to bark at her

Wake up people! The Russians never kept the stones dry, helping others ... Do we really have to react so violently to slander from the lips of not the best part of Italian society? Anyway, is it necessary to wait for gratitude when doing good? Time will put everything in its place! God exists!

How should you hate your people in order to rob them of the last? and selling medical aid provided by China to the USA and Italy.

Are they criticizing? So take your doctors along with your medicines back to Russia. And let the Italians continue to die. You won’t be good for everyone.

None of the pharmacies in Ulan Ude have masks. There is no money for sick children, for decades we have been raising funds all over the world with SMS. But the whole army was sent to pasta right away, as if it had been pinned in one place. Now they are crap on us.

Let’s go criticize. If you didn’t, they would also find something to say. Don’t do good, you won’t get evil.

After such statements by officials of the Italian Foreign Ministry, it is necessary to curtail aid work and leave. It is better to strengthen the processing of premises in Russia and to remove isolation faster.

My wife somehow threw it like a rebuke: "Never do good until you are asked about it."
Yes, I just complained like that - you do it, you do good, but no one appreciates it.

How much "useless help" is there? 80%? Take it back. Leave them buckets with an antiseptic. Let them clean their mouths.

It would be better in St. Petersburg in Pokrovskaya hospital worked

They don’t know such a thing as conscience. There are only interests. Everything should fit into them. And if it does not fit, then this can be neglected.

Expected intervention of God-IMPORTANCE with forgiveness to the very depths of hearts — to purity - holiness ... Russia's mission is to give time for repentance and strong love with God. Without Russia there will be suicide for everyone. God will not allow an attack on Russia, in any case. Russia will go through forgiveness-Repentance-will show everyone the way to God.

I thought it would end there! What for send 11 or so many planes there to this country? I understand, to help ordinary people, not politicians, but still! We spent so much effort and money on this help, and we are still criticized! Did someone from the EU or NATO help them? No! Who are they, that we rushed to help them? Okay, Belarus, okay, Serbia, but I don’t quite understand the help to the NATO country, which imposes sanctions against us ... And they also criticize! Yes, drop everything and come back! Better handle the streets in Russia!

Guys, come back home! You are needed in Russia!

Why do we climb everywhere. The devil knows what. She immediately said that Russia would still be accused of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

This is to be expected !!! Neither the United States, nor the Pentagon, nor NATO will ever come to terms with the fact that Russia helps the NATO country, sooner or later, but this help will turn into its black side for us. The Russian proverb is right: do not do good to people, you will not receive evil either !!! After these words, our authorities should make the only right and smart decision - to withdraw our military doctors from Italy and let Nato and the Pentagon and the United States cope with this coronavirus themselves, and mobilize our doctors to fight the coronavirus inside our country !!!

already about 20 years old has spread.

Yes! The Russian military is waiting at home.

You will not be forcibly sweet. From now on, science: it is not necessary to provide assistance until they are well asked and, preferably, in writing to prove the very fact of asking for help. According to European tradition, they will soon demand more help and apologize, as well as liberation from fascism. I fully agree with the previous speaker - there are a lot of cases in my country.

You will not be forcibly sweet. From now on, science: it is not necessary to provide assistance until they are well asked and, preferably, in writing to prove the very fact of asking for help. According to European tradition, they will soon demand more help and apologize, as well as liberation from fascism. I fully agree with the previous speaker - there are a lot of cases in my country.

those. Italians can criticize Russia (type, freedom of speech), but for Russia there is no freedom of speech (do not dare to criticize), they got hurt.

Is Russia's help useless? So, after all, "they don’t look at a gifted horse ..."

What's the matter ? FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Here, listen to the Italians and shut up. It’s strange. Freedom of speech in one gate.

To help the suffering, noble! Even a dog can thank for the help and support given to her in difficult times ...! But then the dog ... and then the Italian Foreign Ministry, this is not Italians, this is the "elite" ... who still remembers the times of Mussolini ...

Our humanity (in our understanding) in the West is perceived completely differently! How ... everywhere in different ways. By the way, I completely agree with Vladimir Pozner that in Russia there is a sort of inferiority complex in front of the West ...

We will help you, whatever it is!

And who brought this infection to Moscow? Dear Russians and not all of them are Muscovites!

So how much I write, there is no need to help them, this is not appreciated, moreover, after that they will pour mud into the tub. Therefore, Mr. Putin, if you help, then help your people.

Lord, haven’t you really eaten this d ... ma? We are taught to teach with their ingratitude, and we are all kampot. You can understand politics, but where is self-esteem? All the same, their own country and people should be the first. They will not appreciate this and in a year they will forget the Anglo-Saxons and do not remember moral freaks and then sanctions sanctions sanctions .....

They are already laughing at the king.

leave Italy with its freedom of speech and let them rake everything

But isn’t it time to end with such idiots, they spit in our backs, and we will endure? State, wake up. We have a lot of our problems.

We must finish the mission and not rely on gratitude, we need to rely only on ourselves .... we will not be bitten only when our country is not there. It’s strange that freedom of speech is what you want, well, and Konashenkov said that he thinks, for what he was run over, offended ... what a lie.

Everything must be abandoned and returned! In Russia itself, there are plenty of cases!

In Russia, no less freedom than in Italy. And the inappropriateness of expressions fully applies to the figures of La Stampa and others like them. There is such a Russian proverb: "They don’t look at a gifted horse in the mouth." Conscience lost.

Lord, it’s been a long time since the Italians figured out this newspaper, this nonsense has been procrastinating this week. Italians welcome any help.

Biting a nursing hand runs the risk of starvation ... no vaccination from stupidity

Do not want evil do no good

Have trained and that's enough, let them train in Moscow. And then the infection is now spreading from the capital throughout Russia.