Military base in Sudan


Sudanese Foreign Ministry denied resumption of construction of a Russian military base in the country

Sudan said it did not allow the Russian military to return to the construction of a military base in the country.

Despite the information that the Russian and Sudanese sides had ratified the agreement on the construction of a Russian military base on the territory of the African state, it became known that, in fact, Sudan has not yet made such a decision. As follows from the information provided by Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam al-Mahdi, lawmakers have yet to consider such a decision, however, so far no positive decision has been made for Moscow.

“The Sudanese side made no announcements, but Russia said it signed a 25-year agreement with Sudan in December to build a 'logistical support point' for the Russian navy in Sudan. A senior military official in Sudan said last month that the country was revising the document after some articles were deemed "somewhat harmful." During a press conference with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, it was announced that the legislature would study the agreement. “Now we have a government that is accountable to the new legislative mechanism. The Sudanese legislature will discuss and consider this document. Legislators will assess whether the agreement is beneficial for Sudan itself and for the strategic goals pursued by Russia and Sudan, "added the Foreign Minister."- reports the publication RFI.

So far, experts do not undertake to predict the outcome of the previously concluded agreement, however, the doubts that have appeared with the Sudanese authorities on this score cause a number of fears that the decision may be changed or even canceled altogether.

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