Turkish Foreign Ministry began to threaten Russia for attacks on Turkish soldiers in Syria

The Turkish Foreign Minister accused Russia of attacks on Turkish soldiers.

During a press conference, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu not only confirmed the plans to start a large-scale military operation of the Turkish army in Syria, but also accused Russia of the deaths of Turkish servicemen. According to Cavusoglu, it is the Russian side that is responsible for the deaths of the Turkish military in the zone of the illegal Turkish military operation "Olive Branch", since the Russian side is providing assistance to the Syrian Kurds.

“Assessing the recent attacks by Syria on Turkey, Minister Cavusoglu said:“ We are making a lot of efforts, especially in the Astana format, to revive the Constitutional Commission in Syria. The sixth round of talks will also start in Geneva. We say that the only solution in Syria is a political solution. ” Minister Cavusoglu said that attacks using weapons such as missiles and mortars began to be carried out from Syria to Turkey. “The range of attacks by terrorist organizations in Turkey is about 30 kilometers. Especially after we launched Operation Euphrates Shield, we reached an agreement with the United States and Russia. In both countries, terrorists were going to capture in this area at least 30 kilometers to the south. Russia was going to withdraw PKK members from here in the Tel Rifat and Manbij areas. Unfortunately, these promises have not been fulfilled. Thus, the United States and Russia are responsible for the recent attacks, attacks against civilians in the region and against us. Because they didn't keep their word. What should we do if they did not keep their word and the terrorists intensified their attacks in this region? ", - Turkish edition of "Medya EGE" quotes Cavusoglu's statement.

This is not the first time that accusations from Turkey have appeared, although neither the Turkish leader, nor the Minister of Defense, nor the Foreign Ministry of this country have provided any evidence that Russia is in any way connected with the Kurds, let alone support for the Kurds of Russia. side. Moreover, experts assess Cavusoglu's statement as a direct threat to Russia, since Russian military observation posts and bases are located in the area of ​​the current zone of Turkey's military operation.

Here we are! But this also suggests that it would be wrong to disappoint the Turkish partners in their expectations. Here it is probably time to remember the true merits of the Kurds against ISIS and pay tribute to them finally, taking into account the fact that the Americans, too, will not particularly mind.



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