Turkish Foreign Ministry announced the beginning of the "de-occupation" phase of Crimea

Turkey announced the beginning of the phase of "de-occupation" of Crimea.

The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu officially announced that Ankara held negotiations with Kiev and is starting an active phase of action on "De-occupation" The Crimean Peninsula (Turkey does not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia - ed.). what should be meant by the statement on the "de-occupation" of the peninsula is unknown, but earlier in the Turkish media there were statements about Ankara's intentions to arrange a blockade of Crimea and Russia by blocking the Bosphorus.

“Turkey supported Ukraine in the initiative to hold negotiations on the“ de-occupation ”of Crimea. The country's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu wrote about this on Twitter following a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba. The Turkish diplomat also stressed that he was pleased with the meeting with his colleague. Cavusoglu noted that Kiev and Ankara will strengthen relations, especially in the field of military cooperation and the defense industry ", - about it сообщает information publication "".

It is noteworthy that earlier in Turkey, statements were made at all that the Crimean peninsula is historically Turkish territory, which does not exclude the possibility that Ankara does intend to take Crimea under its control, although it is quite obvious that Russia does not. will allow.

Seriously "Russia won't allow it"?

And who will be?

In fact, Turkey is more vulnerable than it seems to the Turks, who like the idea of ​​"empire revival".
Cool statements popularize the central government and this fits into the mentality of the Turks - they were courageous, belligerent, brave. Those who have been to Turkey know that national flags are placed in the windows of houses or on their roofs by those who serve in the Army, patriotism goes off scale.
But this does not make additional preferences in a geopolitical conflict - both Kurds and Armenians look into the lands of Turkey ..., there are claims to Turkey and Syria.
Russia may well resolve the issue on its own, but there are options .... and they are of the "eastern flair", which is so accepted in the Middle East. About Crimea, it is in vain that they ... with Ukraine "do not cook porridge", but they can upset trade relations with Russia, which is undesirable given the growing inflation in Turkey.

Dmitry, there is also a strategic problem solved by Russia. the annexation of the Crimea, in Sevastopol the US naval base would already be,
in addition to the fact that the people of Crimea are threatened by such a danger as the Donbass people, no one asked them in 1953. neither borlee in 1991. when they finally passed on to Ukraine. And Turkey must remember history. on what conditions did they sign an agreement on the transfer of Crimea to the Russian Empire and why? Apparently Turkey wants to refresh its memory with outlined rash actions. In the USSR, Turkey responded to the closure of the Bosphorus by using rockets next to it,

The ponty will spread out, they will scoff thoughtfully, from the Ministry of Defense they will say that everything is according to plan and this will be done.

What does water supply have to do with it? Crimea gave Khrushch for the support of the Ukrainian comrades in the Central Committee in the struggle for power.

Well, what, we took the Crimea under the pretext that this is a primordially Russian territory? Safely forgetting why he was actually given to Ukraine (problems with water supply). Now the Turks will take it under the pretext that this is an original Turkish territory. They created a problem for themselves.

Turkey certainly needs to build another nuclear power plant for our taxes, or build a couple of gas pipelines, then they will become kind: they will flood us with tomatoes and allow us to use Crimea, and will let our vacationers come to them.

Apparently the strait will soon become very wide.

I remember the same story with overlapping, an attempt by the Turks, but with an alliance ..... again the Turks in practice wanted a repetition .....

As far as I understand, Turkey has applied to join Russia as a Federal District?

Lavrov does not have the courage to give such an answer. The Foreign Ministry is now not the same as the USSR. Now there is one talking shop.

They wipe the snot again with their sleeves and that's it. It has long been necessary, like Americans, to show that playing such games with us is dangerous.

Turkey betrayed us once once, and now it will. They only need money, they don't care about people, and when there are no tourists ...

This is what the Americans did, pissed off the Kurds, and Russia took the side of Turkey and peacefully brought the Kurds away from the Gratsins, there is no way to throw weapons at the Kurds. I don't even say war about Cyprus and Greece, whose Pontic Greeks and the West of Turkey are also Greek, except for Constantinople, there is Antalya, the snake trapeshunda of Samsund in the north, so let the Turks keep silent about their claims, otherwise if they are shown around them, then they will not seem

Absolutely right. It is also worth remembering the events in Karabakh. Azerbaijan, with indecently explicit help from Turkey, was able to take the disputed territories, why shouldn't they also help them give up Crimea and strengthen there, even in the role of peacekeepers.

I agree that it is high time to support the Kurds.

Erdogan applies Hitler's policies, but he doesn't seem to know history well. He may lose control of the strait.

Putin's government will allow it, I have no doubt about that.

As V.V. Putin, that the USSR did not even have geopolitics, but the anti-Soviets have it super. They betrayed all friendly countries first to the USSR, and then to the USSR and the entire Soviet people. They began to call the enemies friends, but the enemies did not become friends to the gas stations, but they lost all their friends, created such a geopolitical situation that did not exist even before WWII!

Yes, everything is correct ... Just where are we going to bury them all?

Turkey needs to be hinted that it can be without the Bosporus and without the Dardanelles, at the same time.

The only comment written by a sober person

So I think that most likely it will be so ...

The Black Sea is not Russian. NATO and the states in it move freely. But now the Russian Federation will not be able to feel like a mistress in it. This is a bad signal from Erdogan. (for patriots - Muslim Erdogan is not my friend. I don’t want to know him point-blank. But I don’t want him to beat our guys like in Syria)

Russia will not come to war again, as in the joke about the Russian-Ukrainian war ...

of course we will give up the Crimea and the Kuril Islands and Siberia, as well as Kaliningrad and the Krasnodar Territory, all this was acquired by the occupation regime of the USSR

Turkey is our sworn friends. It is a pity that not everyone here understands this.

it's not too late

Ours also blockade the Bosphorus from the north. And also exits from all the Black Sea ports of Turkey. The Battle of Sinop was about that.

USSR Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko- Instead of the Bosphorus, we can build two more straits, but Istanbul, unfortunately, will not be.
I think Lavrov can also say so

I thought about it and decided. Absolutely no.

The chance to lose statehood together with Ukroina is quite .. Well, they will shoot down one or two of our planes .. And then what ?? The drones will be launched and .. In Karabakh, Russia did not fight with them, but how they fought there both laughter and sin .. Pashinyan got what he wanted ..

Will the phase last 400 years?

In my opinion, everything will depend on which side the Turks will start military operations against against Crimea: from their own territory - from where the flight time to Crimea will be long or from the territory of Ukraine, from there the flight time is very small for making appropriate decisions in Russia. In addition, the Turks can lure our warships out of the Black Sea, and block their return passage through the straits, then the Crimea will lose its protection. Be that as it may, but I am confident in the RF Armed Forces, which will do everything so that the Turks are beaten back on the nearest approaches.

Oh, pug know she is strong if she barks at an elephant :)

We should have long ago supported the Kurds in their efforts to create their own state.

Why won't Russia allow it?
Allowed to blow up a plane with tourists from St. Petersburg in Sharm Egypt (with the help of annusra),
Killed the ambassador
shot down a military plane
shot down a helicopter in Karabakh.
Refused gas (Turkish stream), will refuse to pay for the nuclear power plant.
Turkey realized that she was getting away with everything. What's next? Crimea ? Bosphorus? or something different ?

At the final stage of the "de-occupation" of Crimea, Turkey may turn into a radioactive desert ... Where then Russian lovers of inclusiveness will go, it is beyond my comprehension.

Do they need anything from underwear?

In the past, Turkey already wanted us to block the Bosphorus. Probably wants to see our uncovered ship guns again.

Turkey is preparing a Karabakh option for the Crimea. And the fact that she knows how to shoot down Russian planes was demonstrated in Syria. So, Turkey's chance to de-occurate Crimea is not zero at all.

Judging by the actions of the Foreign Ministry, they may ..

Super comment. We have nothing to add !!!

In fact, preparations are underway for the de-occupation of Constantinople and the liberation of the Hagia Sophia.

Alexander, very witty about Northern Cyprus! +5! :)

De-occupation of Crimea means war with Russia. Something is not audible concern.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry again mixed something up ... And had to make a statement about the beginning of the de-occupation of Cyprus !!! This is both logical and in their competence ...

Neither now nor in 2030 Turkey will be able to do anything against Russia and not suffer serious losses and losses, and Ukraine is not at all an assistant.
Turkish officials will declare everything that will allow them to appear very worthy, principled and belligerent in the gases of the electorate, which fits into the image of a worthy person adopted in Turkey (Namus)

The trade turnover between Russia and Turkey is probably comparable to the EU.
And there, as they say, they decide. One thing is for sure that Russia cannot afford to just stand and watch.