Japanese MFA


Japanese MFA: there will be no peace treaty until the islands are returned

Japan refused to conclude a peace treaty with Russia, until such time as the Kuril Islands were handed over.

Despite the fact that in less than two weeks, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe intends to arrive in Russia and hold talks with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to solve the problem of the territorial belonging of the four Kuril Islands, Japan continues to assert that the conclusion of the Peace Treaty between Russia and Japan will be possible only after the transfer of territories.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry emphasized that the ambassador had announced the current position of the Land of the Rising Sun in the upcoming negotiations at the Foreign Ministry of Russia, and that Japan would adhere to it, while the position of Shinzo Abe would be unchanged.

"In any case, the government of Japan, based on its basic position, which is to solve a territorial problem, to conclude a peace treaty, will continue to persist in negotiations", - noted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Previously, Japan had threatened Russia with political and military pressure, as well as with intentions to seek compensation for the illegal seizure of the “islands,” if Russia refuses to solve this problem voluntarily.

All these words, after these words from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, began to fart from fear. There was no such fear even during the time of Hitler’s invasion of our country. Obviously, we have to give up. Or still sink Japan ?! Let them learn to swim in supertsunami conditions just in case ...

This is called show off, like a louse on a scallop. Being on their shaking islands, these poor ones send some strange, but very brazen threats to Russia. What if 100.000 Hiroshim happens right away ?! This will be the LAST peace treaty between Russia and Japan ...

Japan has no right to conclude international treaties. This country is occupied by America. And while the US base in Japan - no negotiations and contracts.

And how did we live without this contract? Just something to change for us. You can repeat the experience of the Americans (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and become best friends and even open your base

Start negotiations in order to return the royal gold and pay compensation for the occupation of our territories. Without this, it does not make sense to even negotiate.

I understand they want to continue the war, and who is against, our grandfathers did once, they want to be again. I would have been fucked to stop being rude.

the winner country does not need a peace treaty - Japan’s capitulation replaces it. There is no such agreement with the United States and right. It is time to close this question.