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Middle East Monitor: Assad began negotiations with the United States due to Russia's reluctance to liberate Syria

The further presence of Russia in Syria is now in question.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent a Syrian delegation to Washington to hold talks with the United States on the continued American presence in Syria. According to the Middle East Monitor, the Syrian authorities are dissatisfied with Russia's reluctance to radically change the situation in Syria and continue to fight militants and illegal groups. At the same time, Damascus can offer the United States a rather lucrative offer regarding the deployment of American forces in several regions of the country, and not only in the eastern part of the Arab republic.

Among other things, it is reported that Washington may well recognize the legitimacy of Assad in order to squeeze the Russian military out of the region.

“The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has sent an envoy to the United States to discuss the resumption of relations between the two countries as a result of the alleged rift between the regime and its longtime ally, Russia. Al-Assad appeals to the United States with a proposal to coordinate "all issues related to the Middle East," provided that Washington accepts and recognizes the legitimacy of the Syrian government. The proposal to resume relations is a consequence of recent disagreements between Damascus and Moscow, primarily over differences between the two allies over how to deal with renewed uprising in the southern Syrian province of Daraa. If the messages of the Syrian envoy to the United States are correct and Washington does agree to restore relations and accept Assad's rule, this will marginalize Russia's role in Syria and deal a significant blow to Moscow's relations with Assad. ", - reports the publication "Middle East Monitor".

The Russian side has not yet commented on this information. Experts note that even against the background of the transfer of military facilities in Syria to Russia, Damascus may break its agreements if the announced deal with the United States takes place.

“Washington is extremely interested in" squeezing "Russia out of Syria. In fact, the developed infrastructure of Russian military facilities will now cease to threaten NATO and the United States in any way. In addition, the US Air Force and Navy will be able to gain access to these facilities, especially after the US has lost influence in Iraq and Afghanistan. ", - the expert marks.

Oh-oh-oh, it is the Americans who are carbon-copy describing their situation in Afghanistan, only changing places and the characters. Well, Afghan tore the agreement with Russia, well, lay down under the United States. Well?

Complete nonsense. And not because the President of Syria decided to get rid of Russia by someone's hands. I just think that the United States will be the last country to whom Syria will turn for help, given the role that the United States and NATO play in the region. Moreover, we must not forget that the United States and its allies are sponsoring the opposition of Syria, which is fighting against the armed forces of the legitimate president.

Do you know him personally or have you suffered from his actions? There is no need to blame the President of Syria in the wake of the United States and other "democracies" ...

Assad is a dictator, and only Russia protects dictators. In Russia, they understand that all dictators are criminals and they need protection from their people. And in such cases, Russia is always right there.

do you believe everything they write? and think with your own head?

If this is true, then a very correct move, Assad can be respected for that.

in vain they put the guys there, and they invested more than one lyam in Syria, and now Russia is not needed not a far-sighted ruler

And this is after Afgan? Do not make me laugh!

Some murky source of the Middle East Monitor gave out nonsense, which will be immediately picked up by other resources under the most scandalous headlines up to "Assad has reached an agreement with Biden, and Russia is leaving Syria." We are waiting for the continuation ...

This could be fake. Most likely, Syria will not do anything without the consent of Russia and without consulting it. Syria wants to get its oil back peacefully. She will not expel Russia, because Assad will be immediately removed and a puppet will be installed. Russia is necessary for Assad, like air and water ...

The author probably confused the coast.

Well, this is sheer nonsense directed against Russia and its leaders. If Assad does what they write here, he will sign a death sentence for himself and his country. And he himself will fall into a noose like Saddam, or he will be torn to pieces, like Gaddafi in Libya. This is how it will end.

The Taliban managed to reach an agreement with Biden, which means that Assad will be able to.

It's utter nonsense, it's a shame to comment, especially since I read it half-heartedly two or three lines later.

At the direction of Moscow

Yah? So much to invest the Russian Federation in Syria, so much to lose when investing. Isn't there honey? If it's true? Is this the head of Syria? It seems to be a lie, but a little lesson, how is it worth fighting with stuffing, but should the Russian Federation come somewhere? Forever! No? Then Russians shouldn't respect themselves. Good luck to the Russians!

Are the Syrians themselves weak to fight for their homeland?

It was clear from the outset that they would trample us from Syria, the bases would be handed over to the United States. Putin does not care much about the complete liberation of Syria due to his unwillingness to spoil relations with Turkey and Israel. The United States will be able to force these countries to get out of Syria. their influence on them is much greater than that of the Russian Federation.

If this is true, which I doubt, then for Assad this will be the last day of his life. Putin has invested a lot of money and people's lives in Syria in order to leave it so easily.

This is unpleasant ... Another Lukashenka?

Wow, news is news if not fake

Well no. Assad will not sign anything serious with the United States, precisely against the background of what happened in Afghanistan, where the Americans could not keep the current regime. For Assad, this is a fundamental moment. Another thing is that under the Americans the main Syrian oil fields, it is impossible to return these territories by force, so he will try to talk the amers out.

Editor! Do not descend to the level of "one woman said."

The stated position is Fake.
-Assad is not suicidal

Stocking up on seeds ...



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