MiG-29 of the Serbian Air Force is preparing to strike at Kosovo

The political conflict between Serbia and Kosovo turned into a military one.

The troubled situation on the border between Serbia and Kosovo, caused by the fact that earlier the Kosovar security forces and special forces occupied the border crossings of Yarine and Brnjak in the north of Kosovo, as well as the issuance of a decree according to which all cars entering the unrecognized republic must change their license plates to Kosovo, threatens to escalate into armed conflict. In addition to the concentration of forces on the border of the two states, MiG-29 fighters were seen in the sky on the border with Kosovo, appearing after the very first order to strike the territory of the neighboring state.

In the video footage presented, you can see two MiG-29 fighters of the Serbian Air Force, which fly literally a few kilometers from the border zone, thereby preparing to oppose any actions of Pristina. In addition, Mi-35 attack helicopters regularly appear in the sky, which patrol the region, preventing any provocations from Kosovo.

Despite attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means, tensions in the border areas are growing very quickly. According to experts, this may well lead to armed clashes. At the same time, readiness for clashes is confirmed in Belgrade itself.