Military Watch: Russian MiG-31 is the most dangerous hunter in the sky

In the US, they believe that the Russian MiG-31 should be afraid already when they take off.

Russian supersonic interceptor fighters, despite their age, remain the most dangerous opponents in the sky. This is reported by the American publication "The Military Watch", noting that to cope with this Russian combat aircraft is very difficult due to its highest speed qualities and weapons. Nevertheless, there is also a noteworthy detail - being a carrier of hypersonic weapons, having risen from an airfield, a Russian fighter can strike aircraft carriers, military facilities and command posts, moreover, in just a few minutes.

Experts from the United States showed special attention to the Russian MiG-31 fighter after these combat aircraft began to fly into the sky to intercept American military aircraft approaching Russian borders and carrying out provocative actions. It is possible that the MiG-31 just demonstrate their readiness not only to intercept the enemy, but also to strike instantly, in connection with which, the concern on the part of the United States is completely justified.

Given the technical capabilities of the Russian fighter-interceptor, this combat aircraft can easily chase the fastest enemy and successfully intercept it, however, among other things, these fighters can intercept ballistic missiles and even shoot down enemy spacecraft - no one else has such capabilities interceptor fighter in the world.