Millions of Moscow residents refused to abide by harsh isolation

Moscow residents are massively refusing to comply with the regime of self-isolation.

Contrary to the decree on toughening measures for self-isolation of Moscow citizens, introduced at midnight, about 20% of the residents of the capital refused to comply with isolation measures - we are talking about more than 2 million citizens.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that about 20% of the capital’s residents completely ignore the special measures introduced in the capital, refusing to comply with the requirements of the authorities. What exactly is the non-compliance with the measures is not specified, however, given the current situation, it is likely that we are talking about the unauthorized abandonment of their homes for no apparent reason.

Given the magnitude of the frank protest of Muscovites, experts do not exclude that the government may consider introducing much tougher measures, including announcing total quarantine and even curfews on the city streets.

A day earlier, the number of people infected with a new type of coronavirus infection in Russia reached 1534 people, while today, almost 200 thousand people are under suspicion and pass as persons in contact with infected people.

Previously, there was information that a curfew had been introduced in the Moscow Region, however, as it turned out, the introduction of such measures was erroneous on the part of representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Ravings of a madman.
The virus began in Russia in October, and it was invented and patented by the US military in 2015.
Mortality from the virus is less than from ordinary pneumonia; those who have been vaccinated do not get sick. And everyone else is just being treated. The course is only 3 days of treatment)), and then just an observation of 10 days.
There is a global redistribution of the world market and nothing more

The article is dated March 30 and apparently it is about the situation in Moscow as of March 29. I live in a "sleeping area" and over the past two days, March 30,31, everything has died out - there is nobody on the streets, there are only very few people in grocery stores, pharmacies. Buses passing by from other places are also empty of strength for 2-3 passengers. Moreover, we do not see patrols and do not fine anyone. The center is also empty now - everything is closed and there is nothing for people to do. I absolutely do not see any need at this point to tighten the screws and introduce a system of a complete ban on any exit from the house without special permission throughout Moscow. It looks like an official reinsurance and goes to the detriment of people. It is better to hand out masks to everyone and forbid them to go outside without them, and also closer to each other closer than 1.5 m. By the way, there is not a word about this in the decree of Sobyanin

All from Moscow receive subsidies, and technology, high-tech medicine and airplanes to extinguish fires, and such hatred. We work more than the periphery and tolerate your transit through Moscow. Give us pine nuts, and at least we will rest from the crowds

I barely read it, until the last thought it was a joke)))

Muscovites need to be hard pressed for violating the regime. First, they fly to other countries, drag an infection into the country, then they start to fly around the country, spreading the infection to the regions where medicine is at zero. Mokvich may be cured, but
What about us, the inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals?

In the Moscow City Hall, if you believe some media are discussing the introduction of total QR codes, without which it will not be possible to leave the house with a dog (at least 2-3 times), suppose we don’t often go to the pharmacy for groceries at least 2 times a week, but what about people passing emergency outpatient activities? Or maybe it’s easier to do it if there are documents that make it necessary to appear on the street, then there should be no complaints, and loafers, as barbecue people should be fined last Saturday, maybe this will be a braking factor for them. In general, the action with codes will be difficult to fulfill, it will turn into total surveillance and the entire information base may soon be in criminal hands, that’s what you need to think about, now you can buy any base for citizens and then even more so.

There are always reasons and they are varied and often compelling. It’s just that they are not always visible to Sobyanin with an averaged assessment of the behavior of residents

The world Masonic government in conspiracy against humanity and realizing that their civilizations have come to an end, are in a hurry under the guise of vaccination against the coronovirus, to copy those whom they could not voluntarily or secretly in medical posts. They have a special device in the Himalayan mountains, from which
they will send signals to these chips that they will implant in a person with vaccination. This quarantine is specially created so that people can not escape to mountains or forests or places away from highways, where they will incite those who are not chipped, and they will be able to recognize this special the equipment they are equipped with: if a person is chipped, then a signal should go from the chip to it, but if not, they will chip by force and it is better to die before they do this, because grace will be taken away from those who souls will fall into the hands of the devil.
In China, in Wuhan, there was a huge leak of radiation that they hid from humanity, but the consequences from it are these viruses and humanity will never cope with this problem and there will be no more developed economy, because no one will develop it, people will only seek to survive, because over time, everything will stop growing, water will disappear.
This police regime was not created to save people, but rather to destroy it. People should accustom themselves to minimizing consumption now.
This and even more was said by the holy lad Vyacheslav, peace be upon him, in the book "Sent by God" by V.A. Krasheninnikova, about 30 years later.
For a start, read the chapters “The Chinese Will Get to the Urals,” “People Don't Know the Secrets of the Universe,” etc. from this book. this book has everything that people need to know, and the elect will be able to understand for themselves what concerns them.
Read while there is Internet. It will also be suddenly removed, like electricity, water, all stores will be closed, there will be only those in which only those who have a world-wide payment card can shop, and those who are unchipped can not even swallow. whoever has gotten chipped can be saved only if he prefers to die of hunger than eating it, because they will become soulless and become like demons, but this food of the Antichrist will last only a few months, after which these people will suffer eternal torment and nobody to them will not help.
Salvation now requires the rejection of one's fleshly desires and passions, the only way one can be saved once one has come to this by rejecting religion.