UAV Outpost


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published footage of the first flight of the Outpost-R UAV. Video

The newest unmanned aerial vehicle has been tested in Russia.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published unique video frames that show the first flight of the newest Russian unmanned aerial vehicle of the Forpost-R reconnaissance type.

“From the 2020 of the year, as part of the contract between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ural Civil Aviation Plant, its serial supply to the troops will begin”, - said in a press release.

Experts highly appreciated the latest domestic reconnaissance drone, which is capable of performing long flights - up to 18 hours, moreover, in the drone, according to the information presented, the drone was created on the basis of domestic materials and components, which made it possible to achieve its minimum cost.

It should be clarified that the Outpost UAV (the basic version of the drone) was developed on the basis of the Israeli Searcher II UAV, according to the license previously transferred to the Russian side, while the drone proved to be excellent in Syria, although according to unconfirmed reports, a few weeks earlier such a drone was shot down at the borders of the airspace of Israel while trying to cross them.