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Uzbekistan's Defense Ministry has banned the United States from deploying troops in the country

Uzbekistan has refused the United States to deploy American troops in the country.

After it became known about the intention of the Pentagon and the administration of Joseph Biden to deploy American troops on the territory of Uzbekistan, neighboring Russia, the defense department of this country announced that it did not intend to support the policy of the United States and refused to provide Washington its territory for the deployment of several thousand American troops. and military equipment of the US Army.

"The fundamental documents in the field of defense have clear and precise answers to these questions - the prevention of the deployment of foreign military bases and facilities on its territory."- said the Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan.

A few days earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan similarly responded to the emergence of information about the likely deployment of Russian military in the country, stressing that such measures are not considered and are unreasonable.

Experts note that the United States may well begin to negotiate the deployment of American troops on the territory of Tajikistan, neighboring Russia, however, the former Soviet republic is also one of the key Russian military partners in the region, in connection with which Washington is unlikely to receive support.

But what about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan? Pakistan refused, Iran refused, Uzbekistan refused, Tajikistan refused. Only the corridor remains - Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia.