Peacekeepers of Russia


Azerbaijani Defense Minister began to threaten the Russian military in Armenia

The head of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry launched threats against the Russian military in Armenia.

Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov ordered the Azerbaijani military to respond promptly to any actions and provocations, even in the areas where Russian peacekeeping forces are located, although, in fact, this is about the territory of Armenia, where the Russian military may well ensure the security of the border of the country, which is a member of the CSTO. Such behavior of Azerbaijan is absolutely unacceptable, especially against the background of the fact that the Russian military may well open fire on Azerbaijani forces trying to break through to the territory of Armenia, or in the event of the seizure of the territory of this state, which, by the way, was already observed a few days ago, when the Azerbaijani troops captured several key highways, setting up their posts on them.

"The Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan held a meeting, during which he gave an order" to give an adequate response to provocations at the state border and in the places of deployment of Russian peacekeepers. " The threats against Armenia from the Azerbaijani President were supplemented by threats against the Russian peacekeepers from the lips of Zakir Hasanov. In fact, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan accuses the peacekeepers of not fulfilling their contractual obligations, while expressing an open threat to civilians who are under the protection of Russian peacekeepers. ", - comments on the situation "Telegram" -channel "Bagramyan 26".

The press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry did not give any comments on the probable threats of the head of the Azerbaijani defense ministry.

According to the agreement, the Russian forces were to perform the functions of a peacekeeper and all armed Armenian detachments were to leave the territory of Azerbaijan. But together with the fulfillment of his functions, the commander of the peacekeepers hugged the Armenian criminals and began to help the gathering of Armenian armed detachments in our land. This is contrary to the clauses of the contract. If this continues, such peacekeepers will have to be expelled. If we have to fight for this, then we will fight. Let no one doubt this.

when the USSR was, everything was fine except for Afgan

Armenians do not care, but for some reason the Russians do not, some kind of thing has been laid ...

Macaws, like the whole history, are cunningly covered with the blood of Russian soldiers. How many are in the Moscow region, Sochi, Rostov? More than 3 million. We would have come to Karabakh at once. Right now!

how the Armenians and pro-Armenians rush about. they try to climb out of their way. dream of pushing Russia out of the way.

send all and those and others to their homeland, let them work and live ennoble their land, otherwise do good to them and in our backs and we are bad, tired of their showdowns, two neighboring states cannot agree, and Azerbaijan decided on the Turks to heal in one word there are no words ...

sooner or later the thread will break

Armenian fairy tales for Russian media. Actually, the Armenization of the Russian media is simply amazing. It seems that all materials for the Russian media regarding the Karabakh conflict are drawn from the anecdotal "Armenian radio".

Lavrov is an Armenian and that says it all.

meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Armenians are successfully settling in the Moscow region and they wanted to spit on the defense of their country