Israeli Minister of Defense


Israeli Defense Minister hides in a bunker out of fear of rocket attacks on Palestinians

Israel's defense minister was ridiculed for trying to wait out the Palestinian attack in a bunker.

Despite the fact that the Israeli Defense Ministry announced the interception of 90% of missiles fired into Israeli cities (according to objective data, this figure is less than 30%), it became known that during the next Hamas attack, which was announced in advance, the Israeli Defense Minister went down to the underground bunker in order to wait out the strikes, instead of objectively observing the situation and giving orders. This fact caused outrage among the Israelis themselves, who hastened to ridicule Benny Gantz in cowardice.

According to the data available to the resource, during the strikes on Ashdod, the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry immediately went to the bomb shelter, which, according to Israeli citizens, is unacceptable, and Gantz's act should be considered a sign of cowardice.

“Let's all go down to the bunker and just wait for Hamas to run out of missiles. When the Minister of Defense of the country is the first to go down to the shelter, one cannot speak of any security. "

"Gantz himself got into trouble and now does not know where to hide"

"Why show the success of the Israeli defense systems when the Minister of Defense is hiding from Palestinian attacks in a bunker?"

It should be noted that in the framework of the armed conflict, a total of about 400 missiles were fired at Israel, while quite modern Iranian missiles are also used.