Ukrainian Defense Minister announces delivery of ATACMS missiles

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine made a statement implying the delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

As it became known, during the ongoing negotiations between Ukraine and the United States, an agreement was reached that the American weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be used to strike at the territory of Russia (with the exception of Crimea). Previously, this was a key factor in delaying the delivery of US ATACMS tactical missiles for the Himars MLRS, which suggests that the US may send these long-range missiles to Ukraine in the near future. This, by the way, was previously actively promoted by the United States of America.

A few weeks earlier, the United States actively promoted the idea of ​​​​sending ATACMS tactical missiles to Ukraine, noting that the key problem with the delay in the supply of these missiles was the fear on the part of Washington and the American president that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use missiles for uncontrolled strikes on Russia.

There are no official statements regarding the upcoming deliveries of ATACMS missiles by the current hour, however, the United States has not previously announced the supply of AGM-88, AGM-114 and AIM-120 missiles. This does not exclude the possibility that if tactical weapons are delivered, they will be done secretly, especially since at least six other states have such missiles.


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