US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted to Walter Reed Hospital due to potential 'bladder problem'

The Pentagon press service officially confirmed information about the re-hospitalization of Lloyd Austin, head of the US Defense Department. Effective today, his duties have temporarily been transferred to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Earlier, at the end of December, Hicks had already temporarily acted as head of the Pentagon in connection with his hospitalization. However, there was a delay in the handover because Hicks was on Christmas leave in Puerto Rico. This time the transfer of power occurred without delay.

According to journalists, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was taken to Walter Reed Hospital due to a potential “bladder problem.”

In a statement, the Pentagon notified the White House and Congress of Austin's hospitalization, emphasizing the importance of such information transparency. This is a consequence of lessons learned from a previous case in which information about Austin's illness and hospitalization was not immediately disclosed. Then this caused widespread resonance and criticism from congressmen, who pointed to a potential threat to national security due to the lack of clear leadership in the Pentagon.


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