Armenian Defense Ministry: Su-30SM fighters demonstrated low potential

Armenia has criticized Russian Su-30SM fighters.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia announced that despite the use of Russian Su-30SM fighters, these combat aircraft are completely useless in terms of their use, in particular, the limited tactical capabilities of the Russian Su-30SM are reported.

"Su-30SM fighters are limited in their tactical capabilities, but they are used", - said representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

Under the limited tactical capabilities, most likely, we should mean the detection of Su-30SM fighters by Azerbaijan's air defense systems, especially taking into account flights at high altitudes.

It is not known what the use of Su-30SM fighters implies, however, today there is information that combat aircraft fly in areas bordering with Azerbaijan, but do not use their weapons to avoid a direct armed conflict with Baku.

In fact, to date, there is no evidence that Armenia has used its Su-30SM fighters at all in hostilities, and this is the first criticism of the Russian Su-30SM combat aircraft by the operating country.

As you can see from the pictures, there is perhaps a S-300 near some sort of shed in a transport position, and not in a combat position, and boom on it. This reminds me of the hunt of a governor who shot a sleeping bear in a den, but he did not say that the bear was bad.

The Su-30SM is a high-tech weapon And it's a no brainer that it is effective with a developed air defense system (radars, electronic warfare systems, etc.) and highly professional military specialists serving these systems, preferably with combat experience, including pilots!
It was necessary at least a couple of Su-30SM and an air defense battalion (electronic warfare, mobile radars), and special forces sent to Syria to help Russia. Gain combat experience.

If there is nothing of the above, then, of course, these combat vehicles are ineffective.

Criticism of the Armenian Defense Ministry resembles that anecdote when, during the Arab-Israeli war, some Soviet grenades exploded between their legs!

Driving the SU-30 is not selling peaches at the bazaar. Here you need to work long and hard. Every driver sees himself as Schumacher, but most drive like cabbies on carts. Here, eh daragoy, we are flying now, it is not canal.

The Armenians confirmed that they are great specialists in trade.
Unfortunately, they don't understand anything else, especially in weapons and military affairs.
Do better "buy - sell"!

There is a parable about how the Africans were supplied with anti-aircraft missile systems with Earth-to-Air missiles. And after a while they declare: we have experienced this complex, we liked it very much. Now, give us the "Zemlya-Tsel" complex. So the Armenians hay out the equipment, on which they only learned to steer around the airfield.

Either there is not enough space for a bad dancer, or eggs get in the way.

Once upon a time, Shirvindt and Derzhavin had a wonderful miniature, in which the correspondent (Shirvindt) interviews the film celebrity Nekadr Zakadrovich (Derzhavin) about his outstanding achievements, the main one of which was that the latter did NOT star in a large number of film projects and was NOT invited anywhere famous filmmakers. It seems that one of the outstanding achievements in the Armenian army is not the mastery of the SU-30, the lack of training to operate it. Once upon a time, in the forties, pilots in Britain could not stand the "Airacobra", and Kozhedub did such a thing on it that he became a Hero three times! Because he was a FLYER, not an aerial pilot.

Armenchik will be enough to drive a blizzard if you write under Russian names does not make you Russian. And Azerbaijanis are brave and honest people, unlike you Armenians. Greetings from Baku.

Of course it will fly badly when the plane is full of watermelons!

Or maybe this is your Armenian mind, low potential. Before flying on such aircraft, you must first learn to shoot with a slingshot.

Technology in the hands of a savage is a piece of metal!

They gave the guys a job to get rid of Russian equipment, because the Americans need to trade something, and the French too.

They banned the Russian language, and all the documentation and instructions are written in it!

Maybe it's the pilots? Such a machine should be operated by a professional, not a trader from the market.

The Armenians, just like you thought, now they are very bad.

and what problem could you not solve?

A fighter is not an Aramobil with full music, you need to constantly train on the plane, and this is expensive. Kerosene was fraternally armored and it is gone.

In crooked hands, a hammer is not a hammer.

Planes still need good pilots

They fry kebabs, and not fly an airplane.

The Armenians are beginning to get bored with their whining. Is it just me?

You learned to fly ????? Fight ???? This is not for you to shabbat in Russia, you need the skill !!!! And the desire to defend Armenia by ourselves - and not rely on SOMEONE ...

First and foremost, these planes have NOT been used in the conflict yet, have not even taken off !! The one that you are lying!

It does not matter what kind of weapon showed itself in certain hands. It is important that the organizers of the destruction of the USSR rejoice in the wars on its territory
Shame on the current leaders of the warring republics of the USSR.

One left not with the alliance of Turkey-Azeri-militants

Reminds an anectode of the times of the Arab-Israeli wars. The Egyptians write: "Dear Soviet comrades. Your Earth-to-Air missiles are very good. We have mastered them. Can we now get Earth-to-Air missiles?"

Once the same was said about the Arabs. But ISIS members showed that this is no longer the case.
Before that, they had been talking about Jews for a very long time. And in the 16-17 centuries, the Poles avidly convinced the whole of Europe of the cowardice of us Russians.

And who didn't let you buy the AN-2 from us? The plane is just for Armenian pilots. It is wooden and Azerbaijani radars will not see it.

Limited in capabilities does not mean bad, it means that we are vulnerable against Azeri air defense. Armenia has only 4 such cars, it is necessary to take care! If they were considered bad, Armenia would not take them. Learn to understand what is written correctly!

And I bought a new iPhone 12, which is better than a decommissioned fighter.

The most cowardly and cheapest people in the Caucasus and Transcaucasia are the Azerbaijanis! I myself am a former Bakuvian - Russian, and I know this firsthand. And a knife in the back is their native Turkish, which is why this phrase is so often used. Traders in one word, but not all, decent and educated also come across, but the old school years from 50 and older. Trouble for the people, complete LIKBEZ and Chushkar fanaticism to keep it, a disaster for the people ... think about the rest ...

Flying on a military plane is not selling tangerines ..

How much ambition was, they say, one left if they stick it out, but bummer. And in addition, it turns out that the planes of the wrong system were slipped to them. Russia is not sweet to you, now you guys.

It is not convenient to carry watermelons on the Su-30. The shish kebab will also burn.

most likely the problem is in outdated weapons, there are no optical-guided drone missiles, an analogue of a Brimstone, planning bombs, etc. + More likely, the Armenians did not buy anti-missile missiles and the x-31 and x-35, too.

Armenians, lay bricks and tiles and trade fish. Military is not for you.

Bad dancer is constantly interfered with

Is this a preparation for the cancellation of Russian arms supplies? Forward to NATO ?!

ORMYANE extort Russian professional pilots from the Russian Federation so that they fly instead of them.

Unfortunately, an aircraft without a pilot and ground support cannot fly by itself ...

It wasn't the bobbin ... since when did the su 30 become a stealth fighter? Naturally, it will be seen by modern air defense systems. And given that the fighting is taking place on such a small piece of land, the planes will be on radar immediately after takeoff. The level of competence of the Armenian military is below the floor, since such nonsense is voiced

trade in apricots and sweats is clearly not there)))