Armenian Defense Ministry reveals the circumstances of Azerbaijan's successful attacks in Karabakh

Due to the actions of the Armenian military, Azerbaijan received a huge advantage in the war in Karabakh.

Contrary to the order of the Armenian Ministry of Defense to ban the use of mobile communications and smartphones, Armenian soldiers actively filmed videos and took photographs, thereby revealing not only details about the forces in positions, but also huge positional areas, which allowed the Azerbaijani army to strike almost blindly and deliver high-precision strikes. A similar situation is being repeated at the moment, despite Baku's threats, however, however, the military police of the Armenian Defense Ministry managed to find the persons involved in such violations and bring the latter to justice.

“As a result of large-scale actions taken by the military police officers of the RA Ministry of Defense, a number of conscripts and contract servicemen of the RA Armed Forces were discovered, who, violating the order of the RA Ministry of Defense, used smartphones, uploaded photos from everyday military service on the Internet. The servicemen were brought to disciplinary responsibility. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia will seek to exclude such cases and will bring to justice the servicemen who violated the order.”, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia said in a statement.

According to preliminary data, the same was observed among the military personnel of the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh, since in various social networks and instant messengers you can find photographs that indicate in sufficient detail the positions of the military of the self-proclaimed state.

Experts note that it is possible to calculate the exact position from a photograph quite quickly, especially in the presence of large and obvious landmarks, which allowed the Azerbaijani army to deliver high-precision strikes.


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