Ballistic missile


Iranian Defense Ministry ordered to strike at Tel Aviv

The Iranian Defense Ministry ordered the bombing of Tel Aviv.

The announced response to Israel to the elimination of the nuclear scientist, who helped significantly develop the Islamic Republic's weapons program, was officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the information provided, the order to eliminate the persons responsible for the attack on the scientist has already been given, and, apparently, Iran is ready to launch an unprecedented missile strike on the Israeli capital.

"The order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on the punishment of those guilty of the murder of the martyr Fakhrizade will be carried out"- said the head of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

A few hours after the appearance of data on the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist, missile systems were seen on alert in Iran - we are talking about at least 20 launchers equipped with medium and long-range ballistic missiles, which indicates the fact that Tehran ready for a very radical step.

Earlier, the media reported that Saudi Arabia has opened its airspace to Israeli combat aircraft, indicating a likely very serious confrontation in the region.