Israeli Air Force


Israeli Defense Ministry Announces Rejection of Syria Agreement with Russia

Israel announced a change in the rules of the game in Syria.

Israel’s night attacks on the Syrian capital were a deliberate violation of its agreements with Russia. This is evidenced by the information provided by the publication "Haaretz", Reporting, with reference to the head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, that Tel Aviv has decided to radically change the rules of the game in Syria.

“The rules have changed: those who shoot at Israel during the day will not sleep at night. Our message to the leaders of Iran is simple: you are no longer safe. Anywhere you send your tentacles, we chop them off. ”- quoted the Naftali Bennett Israeli edition.

What exactly Bennett means by changing the rules is still unknown, however, noteworthy is the fact that during the night raid of the Israeli Air Force, the Syrian air defense systems showed the worst efficiency, while according to a number of sources, Russian air defense systems that provide Syrian airspace control and integrated with Syrian air defense systems were generally deactivated.

It should be clarified that the Russian side did not explain its position of non-intervention, but at the same time condemned Israel for aggressive actions against Syria.

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It is high time for international cooperation to understand that the game of giveaway to Israel will first of all lead to the internal degeneration of itself, and will lead to chaos in many countries that are not even neighboring and disputed with it.
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