Putin and the plane


The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands declared war on Russia?

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands declared war on Russia.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, Anna Beyleveld made a loud statement that the Netherlands is in a state of war with Russia. According to Anna Beyleveld, we are talking about a “cyberwar” at the moment, but it covers the entire Russian military potential, including strategic aviation, the navy, missiles, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

According to the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, Russia is not only convicted of interfering in the political sphere of the Netherlands, but also conducts active propaganda activities aimed mainly at exerting military and political pressure on this country. According to Anna Beyleveld, the Russian special services were trying to gain access to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons database, apparently trying to either get the information of interest or adjust it in accordance with their own goals.

Anna Beyleveld notes that if you do not increase spending on cyber security, then Russia can become not only a potential, but also a real threat, not only for the Netherlands, but for the whole world.

And the netherlands ?????

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home I love but hate the idiots who came to power

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Elephant and Pug
Through the streets of the Elephant they drove,
As you can see for show -
It is known that Elephants in wonder with us -
There were crowds of onlookers behind the Elephant.
From nowhere, meet Moska them.
Seeing the Elephant, well, to him to rush,
And bark, and scream, and tear,
Well, and climbs into a fight with him.
"Neighbor, stop being ashamed, -
She mongrel says - do you want to mess with Elephant?
Look, you're wheezing, and he goes to himself.
And I don’t notice your barking at all. "
"Eh, eh! - Pug answers her, -
That's what gives me the spirit,
That I, absolutely without a fight,
I can get into big bully.
Let the dogs say:
"Ay, pug! Know she is strong,
What barks at the Elephant! "

I look forward to when the tribe will take here and live on the benefits of Europe as the Arabs in 1000evro and then Moscow’s handouts in 5000 already got

A couple of nuclear warheads and no one will declare war.

Marina! What does it have to do with the dollar? Nobody traded them, this is in-peryyh. And why if someone else's (American) currency rises, then we have Khan ?! Something like that with you with logic is strange however .... And if we all declare war, then we will defend ourselves. We (Russia) are not accustomed to put all sorts of freaks in place.

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Knowing all the permitted substances in the Netherlands, I am surprised that such a statement was made just now.

We (Russians) did not persecute, but you do not know. You know better, maybe in vain.

It is necessary to publish a schedule for the destruction of NATO bases and the territories on which they are located. Pomututno. Maybe borzosti diminish

Russia needs to break off all relations with the Netherlands and let it be its brain that will air Russia it’s time to give everyone a rebuff

navel let them tie up, and then unleash.

Now all of us will be declared a war, why we sent these creals, it would be better to live in peace, again the dollar will rise and everything Khan