Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: most domestic UAVs do not meet the requirements of the department

Representative of the RF Ministry of Defense Igor Ischuk stated that domestic UAVs do not meet the requirements of the defense department.

Despite the wide range of domestic unmanned aerial vehicles, it turned out that the drones do not meet the tactical and technical requirements of the country's defense department. The reason for this is the impossibility of implementing the tasks set due to the element base.

As part of the round table "Prospects for the development of technologies for unmanned vehicles in the Russian Federation", it became known that domestic unmanned aerial vehicles do not meet the existing requirements - the most in demand in the UAV troops are electronic reconnaissance drones.

“The Ministry of Defense has developed the appropriate tactical and technical requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles. And most manufacturers, unfortunately, are not able to fulfill them. And the main problem of non-fulfillment is the element base. […]The most in demand now, in addition to reconnaissance UAVs, or UAVs used as loitering ammunition, are electronic intelligence UAVs. This is the most demanded type of aircraft now.- said Representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel Igor Ischuk.

Today, indeed, there are actually no drones capable of conducting electronic intelligence. However, this task will probably be realized in the near future, since the effectiveness of the use of drones is completely proven.


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