Fighter F-35


Russian Defense Ministry Confirms Desacralization of US F-35 by Russian C-400

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the appearance of Russian C-400 in Turkey will allow all American F-35 to be seen.

Washington’s fears that the advent of Russian C-400 systems in Turkey will allow tracking of fifth-generation American fighter F-35s were confirmed by a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry. So, according to the information provided, the desacralization of American military aircraft is not unfounded.

“The thrill and excitement of the Pentagon over the probable desacralization of F-35 fighters by Turkish S-400 air defense missile systems is not unfounded”- cites a statement by representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, RIA Novosti.

What exactly should be meant by this is unknown, but experts believe that this means that Russian air defense systems will be able to receive information about American combat aircraft, including by intercepting data.

At the same time, the report said that in reality, the American F-35 fighters are not “invisible”, and, accordingly, can be easily detected, including, we are talking about Russian C-400 systems