Russian Defense Ministry will revive the airbase in Chukotka

Russia intends to revive the legendary airbase in Chukotka.

The Russian defense department has decided to modernize the military sector of the joint-based airfield Anadyr (Ugolny), for the subsequent deployment of military aircraft here. The permanent stationing of an aviation group here will significantly strengthen control over the Northern Sea Route, and given the strategic importance of this region, this will significantly increase the defense capability of Russia.

The modernization of the military airfield has actually begun. In particular, the runway has been repaired here. This makes it possible to receive any type of aircraft, and Russian tactical and strategic combat aircraft regularly practice redeployment to this region.

As follows from the information provided by Avia.pro sources, MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors, Su-35S fighters, and probably also Su-34 fighter-bombers will be deployed at the restored air base.

Thanks to the revival of the air base in Chukotka, Russia will gain almost complete control over the Northern Sea Route. In addition, if necessary, a military airfield can be used for the operational deployment of strategic aviation.