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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation commented for the first time on the deployment of Russian forces near Donbass

Russia transferred two armies and three airborne units to the borders of Ukraine.

The head of the Russian defense department, Sergei Shoigu, for the first time commented on the situation with the transfer of Russian troops to the areas bordering the Donbass. So, according to the statement of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, in two weeks two armies and three formations of the Airborne Forces were transferred to the region, and the total number of troops in this region could indeed be 40 thousand people and even exceed this number previously announced by official Kiev.

According to Sergei Shoigu, Russia's actions are a response to the actions of Ukraine and the world of NATO.

“According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, over the past two weeks, within the framework of the combat readiness check, as well as the performance of combat training tasks by echelons, under their own power, as well as by the VTA, 2 armies and 3 airborne units have been successfully redeployed to the western borders of Russia. All this is a response (as to a possible escalation of the conflict in the Lao PDR), to the relocation of NATO units in Eastern Europe, ”the Military Informant Telegram reports.

At the same time, the head of NATO demanded that Russia immediately withdraw its troops from the borders of Ukraine, however, for quite obvious reasons, Jens Stoltenberg did not comment on the deployment of more than a hundred thousand troops by the Ukrainian army, however, the Russian side did not even consider the statement of the NATO Secretary General, simply ignoring his.

Therefore, they ran across their land as soon as the Russian troops approached!

110 thousand one miscalculated a little.

They do not have "their own land".

Ukrainians in their land. There is a very strong motivation in battle. The war is won by people, not iron.

Cropped troops, reorganization was finished on paper

Ukraine and says that there are 110 thousand people in the region

Two armies and three formations of the Airborne Forces of the Soviet Army would have amounted to at least 90 thousand people.