The Russian Defense Ministry accidentally declassified the Russian Su-57 - in the United States have already taken advantage of this

The publication of the video with the Russian Su-57 led to the leak of classified information.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video on which you can see how a Russian Su-57 fighter launches an air-to-air missile from a fully vertical position. As it turned out, it was thanks to this video that the US military was able to gain secret information about a number of parameters of the Russian combat aircraft, declassifying, among other things, the secret weapons of the combat aircraft.

“The Drive notes the video was published four months after the Russian VKS acquired a new long-range missile, the R-77. However, the dimensions of this ammunition do not allow it to be placed in the underwing compartments. For large missiles, other compartments are provided that are located between the nacelles. The magazine suggests that the Su-57 launched a completely new R-74 or RVV-MD short-range missile, which was developed on the basis of the Soviet R-73 (M) ammunition. ”- сообщает Edition "Reporter".

Among other things, American experts also declassified a part of the design of the Russian combat aircraft, noting that the fired missile is hidden inside the compartment of the aircraft and extends on a special rail, which makes the aircraft less visible to enemy radars.

“The Drive believes that a unique design of compartments, which includes a retractable rail, can be implemented in the Su-57. The ammunition is launched from her ”, - emphasizes the publication, publishing the corresponding sketch of the secret compartment.